In December: Sport in Grozovo boarding school

Posted: January 21, 2012 by Dobr9k in Grozovo

In December, when many went away for the holidays, with children who stayed in a boarding school in the storm, we played volleyball. This game was chosen because it can play and the guys and girls. Usually we play football with the guys, but now we have decided to engage and girls. We got it. The first Wednesday we played just … forces were equal. Benefited in many ways: we, they. It was interesting to see how they get angry when they lose and scream at each other. This suggests that they sometimes can not work as a team, and those in authority are always right. His game, we showed how to behave when something goes wrong, support each other and fight until the last-minute, just fun to have fun and enjoy, even if it’s not as much as you want. Not everyone knew it … But for some it was a good example and a lesson! Them to have a greater incentive to play next Wednesday we bought a sweet prize – the cake … We were smaller and in a team, we have several people from their boarding school. The game was tense. In spite of our victory, we gave the children a cake. Those who played on our team was able to feel relaxed and friendly atmosphere … This is especially felt Christina. She obtained do not feed and she was angry at myself, thinking that it would be cursing and screaming, but instead we just encouraged her and she’s a little fun … was not even shocked … I like it when we do spend time with their children, they can see us better in the difficult and unusual situations, can see the relationship between us, the response to the problem. We went through the game down to their level, we fight, we want to win, we do not always get something, we’re just fooling around … And most importantly we are with them become more amicable … Sport – it’s also a good icebreaker.

  1. Егор Таразевич says:

    Wow! I did not know that there could so many benefits in simply playing a sport!
    Icebreaker, character problems are discovered, lessons are taught and on top of it – it is so easy – you do not need to spend hours preparing a lesson! 🙂

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