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In March: Rudensk orphanage

Posted: March 28, 2012 by Dobr9k in Rudensk

In March our team, as always, on Tuesdays went to boarding school in Rudensk. On the children’s request they were given the topics “Нostility” and “Rivalry”. On the 20th of March a sporting event was held, also on the request of the children who wanted to even the score after the previous event.
Topics have been particularly relevant for some guys. In a confined space of the boarding school there’s often a problem of rivalry. The older and stronger teenagers set their power over the younger ones, hurt and bully them. In response, the younger children often grow closed or vice versa, aggressive. They develop a heightened sense of self-preservation. Therefore, we try to show the children that the relationships can be built in a different way. Friendship, mutual assistance, and readiness to help (from both sides) must be the basis of the communication.
The purpose of our team is to show the children that they are loved, and may be needed by someone, first of all, by God! And, of course, by us! We hope that the Lord will grow the dropped seed, and it will sprout into the souls of the children!
We see some positive changes in the behavior of many children, and in their communion with others. It’s nice when the kids come up and say that ceased to argue with a teacher, someone made it up with a friend, someone began to pray before going to bed, someone reads the Bible, someone really wants to go to church.
It’s especially striking to hear the child’s words: “I pray for you!” It’s wonderful to see how the Lord disposes the children to communication, opens their hearts to the perception of His Word!

In March: Belinichy orphanage

Posted: March 27, 2012 by Dobr9k in Belinichy

This month we were able to visit Belinichy boarding school only two times. Unfortunately, we have no financial opportunity to visit the children of this orphanage more often – this hostel is located 150 kilometers (95 miles) from Minsk. But we hope that God is able to solve this problem! Due to the smaller number of meetings we discuss in Belinichy boarding school themes which were discussed in other boarding schools a month ago.
The first meeting was devoted to the theme “Hostility”. This issue is one of the most relevant for children of any boarding school, because they often lack love and friendship. We often see how older teenagers hurt younger ones, we see how difficult it is for them to be obedient and how difficult it is to avoid conflicts. On the one hand, nobody knows in what way would he act being in such circumstances, but on the other hand, our aim is to show the children that life in love and peace is real! We explain that hostility is the result of wrong priorities in life.
To the second meeting we’ve invited a puppet show again. The dolls told the children how important it is to forgive each other and how God himself has forgiven all of us and made a great gift for all people – he sent his Son to the Earth to save us. We hope that despite the small number of our meetings something good will remain in the hearts of these children, and we do hope that their lives will change for the better!

In March: Grozovo orphanage

Posted: March 27, 2012 by Dobr9k in Grozovo

Here, finally, came the spring – time of love, hope and new expectations! I want to tell you what was seeing and felt in March. During this month we had 4 meetings in Grozovo orphanage. I want to remind you that all our ut to meet us and try to delay us when we leave. They became as brothers and sisters or us during this time.
This month we could spent time our free time, discussed on different themes, watched films and hold different sport events. We try to tell to children that each of them can have life full of sense. As you know, our country has fourth place in the world on the list of countries for suicide. We want change this statistics not only in suicide but also in orphanhood imeetings are for teenagers for helping them to live in our society. A lot of children are don’t prepared for adult life when they finish being in the orphanage. We try to affect on then through our life and behavior. They lack good words, support and encouragement. We want to change it!
Dear reader, you can left words of love and encouragement for children from the orphanage on this website. Through this you can support these children. We promise to tell your words to them.
When we come children become happy and it is great to see their emotions. When I’m writing these words I remember how they run on the whole.
We believe that this statistics can be changed by taking children into families, so we often say about this fact.
Friends, we are grateful for everyone who reads about us, who supports us and who prays for us. Our team value it!! Because thanks to our together efforts we can influence on children’s lives!!

In March: Smilovichi orphanage

Posted: March 19, 2012 by Dobr9k in Smilovichi

Hello our dear friends!
I want to tell you how God’s love is erupting on our country. In spite of the statistics children are still need in love in hope that God needs them, that families want them. Each child’s eyes penetrate to the heart and the silent scream stuns.
“What can I do for them?” What do you think when you read these lines!!? There are a lot of those who haven’t reseived love and even haven’t reseived hope for this love!! We were in Smilovichi and there are very small children but they have a very adult glance and questions. We shown them children performance in which can take part not only puppets but also children! When they took part in our activity they were very similar with kids which live in our homes. Who’ve stolen their childhood? Who’ve stolen hope and love? After the performance we gave children a small present. But sometimes they don’t need any presents, they need love and care.
When I look on the calendar I understand how quickly days are going, and that means that our life is going quickly too. Which mark will we leave on the earth?! Maybe we have life for changing somebody’s life for the better? There can not be nobody’s children!! Children are our future, so let’s we come together change not only our country’s future but future of whole world! Each person is very important and everybody can change somebody’s life!!

In February: Belinichy orphanage

Posted: March 9, 2012 by Dobr9k in Belinichy

In Belinichi orphanage nearly all the meetings were held in a special way. We formed two groups: boys and girls separately. Such meetings we had in November in other orphanages. But this orphanage is special, because there are children with mental and physical characteristics. But in spite of this all children are dream of meeting their love and having a good family. And we must to show them that it is really only with God! We spoke a lot about the right relations between boys and girls, about love, about sex before marriage and it’s effect and how had God made man and woman. There are in our team two medics who spoke with children on these themes from medical point of view. This theme was very vital for teenagers. Maybe they most of all people need in such meetings because when they leave the orphanage they have a lot of freedom and sometimes they don’t know what to do with it. It is a very big problem because children choose wrong way and they start drink, take drugs, someone faced with unwanted pregnancy and with abortion. Our goal is to change these bad facts! We try to use each facility to show children that each of them has a chance to have good family, to keep their health and health of their future children. God is not indifferent to what happens with life of this children that they leave the orphanage. And with Him we do that we can do!