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In April: Grozovo orphanage

Posted: April 30, 2012 by Dobr9k in Grozovo

This month we watched the movie “Saving Lives”. The film is about a boy who witnesses the suicide of his childhood friend. He was tormented by the fault because he had played well in the school basketball team, his popularity among students had increased, and he had ceased to communicate with his friend. Later, he began going to church and often talk with the pastor and his life began to change. He’s soon realized that popularity in school, a party for the “elite” – are not the most important things in life. He decides to save other children from committing suicide, which as well as his friend suffer loneliness and contempt. This film was relevant for the children, because their lives have much in common with the characters of the film. There are leaders and there are those who are considered outcasts. There are problems that can be solved together with love. Many were able to do the appropriate conclusions for themselves, particularly regarding relations with each other and God.
We also talked about loyalty in the relationship between boys and girls. This topic was touched on such questions as: why people are unfaithful? Can we compare infidelity and betrayal? And Can we to evaluate the benefits of being faith?
These issues concern all ages. We have shown that to be true, be a mature man – is always an effort. In this sense, the pleasure, which receives a man from loyalty – is the pleasure of creating his own inner and outer space, in which he can live and grow, enjoying the love and deep relationships. And also loyalty – is a point in the search. It is when you are happy the person whom you have found. You love him not for what he prepares delicious meals, dressing fashionably, or drives a cool car. You just love him for what he is and accept him. You perceive him as a whole, like his personality, and you’re happy with that person. Generally, the topic turned as the conversation, where everyone could express his opinion and talk about his relationship.
In one of the Wednesday we played volleyball. In game has been involved both the guys and girls that is not always possible. Cool, when there is unity between the sexes, the unity of the team. We just have some fun, laughed, and played for fun. At such moments we are all one and we have a common passion that unites us more! Thank God!

In April: Rudensk orphanage

Posted: April 30, 2012 by Dobr9k in Rudensk

     In April, as usual, we visited Rudensk every Tuesday. We watched the film “Save the Life” several times and held a sports competition. We also celebrated Easter during one of our visits.
The children liked the film as it tackles issues that are most important for them such as bullying, outcasts, losers. Some of the children managed to draw the right conclusions and that gave us hope.
Children are always eager to play sports. That’s why they enjoyed the sports competition greatly. They got fountains of emotions.
We also had a good Easter party. The children learnt about the holiday’s origin, about the Resurrection. At the end of the meeting we posed questions to the children and they surprised us with their answers in a good way. For example, they managed to name all the Egyptian curses. Some children were interested to continue the discussion. It was obvious that God has started His work in their hearts. Praise the Lord!
Some children behave wildly in the orphanage, I have to admit that. They always mess with each other, get into fights, smoke and drink alcohol. There are “aces” and there are unpopular children who become scapegoats. When you see this your heart is bleeding. The children who are bullied don’t get a lot of support and I wish so much to share with them the good news about their best Protector.
The orphanage life makes the children believe that they are destined for failure. And what is worse they adopt this vision. It is my ardent desire to break those prejudices. I wish that God touches the hearts of those children so that they could understand they have a great and strong Patron above.

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In April: Belinichy orphanage

Posted: April 24, 2012 by Dobr9k in Belinichy

In April we had opportunity to hold two additional events in the Belynichi orphanage. It was great joy for us and for children from orphanage. In addition to our regular fellowships, one of the meetings, we have dedicated the theme: “Easter.” We told children the history of this holiday and also about the main goal of Jesus coming in our world. It was great that we could hold this meeting because a lot of children didn’t know about the gist of the holiday. Some of them thought that Easter is a Jesus birth; some said that it is a holiday of cakes and painted eggs!! We tried to tell to children as much as possible about the greatest sacrifice in the men’s history.
Besides we hold two meetings “Offense” and “Competition”. In other orphanages we had hold such meetings. But children from this orphanage need we touch them to respect elders, to protect the younger and be friendly towards people. It is for these children, especially hard to trust someone and be a friend to someone. It is because they were left by their children in their childhood, they lack of love, attention and care. Besides children from this orphanage have physical and mental developmental disorders. So one of our main goals – is to help socialize orphans in our society.
In April we had good opportunity to visit in Belynichi church. We were glad to know that nearly 14 orphans visit Sunday’s services. In the church, they get a bit of love, attention and care and also they can visit Sunday school where they can hear about God, communicate with other children not only from their orphanage but they find friends among children having parents. In my opinion, it also contributes to the development of orphans, as well as making them more open and communicative. Moreover they have ability to play games, to sing songs and have a good time…