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In February: Rudensk orphanage

Posted: March 1, 2012 by Dobr9k in Rudensk

In February some times we have visited Rudensk. On this time we have discussions on the following themes: “”Resentment”, “The internal state of a person,” “Most of all stored – keep your heart …”. The children liked this themes and were singing songs and play different games with joy. There are few problems with behavior of children in the time of prayers.
Last time we pay much attention to individual communication with children. All member of team has 2-3 children as friend. They tell us about their problems and ask to pray for them. We are very happy to see results because children change their behavior and are becoming other people. They think about sense of their lives and pray. Thanks God!
It is very nice when children say thanks to you for the evening, for games and for our meeting. When you see their smiles and feel gratitude of their hearts, you want to do more for them and God!
21th of February we hold sports relay with children. They were delighted! Thanks the games children can be one team they open to each other. This meeting children liked more because they could show their sports talents and to compete with each other. Also we saw that some children didn’t know what does it means to be one team, they can’t be friendly. But everything is in the future! We are planning to held such sport event next month.
Thanks God that He opens doors in orphanage. A lot of children a looking for words about God and His love and salvation…