In March: Smilovichi orphanage

Posted: March 19, 2012 by Dobr9k in Smilovichi

Hello our dear friends!
I want to tell you how God’s love is erupting on our country. In spite of the statistics children are still need in love in hope that God needs them, that families want them. Each child’s eyes penetrate to the heart and the silent scream stuns.
“What can I do for them?” What do you think when you read these lines!!? There are a lot of those who haven’t reseived love and even haven’t reseived hope for this love!! We were in Smilovichi and there are very small children but they have a very adult glance and questions. We shown them children performance in which can take part not only puppets but also children! When they took part in our activity they were very similar with kids which live in our homes. Who’ve stolen their childhood? Who’ve stolen hope and love? After the performance we gave children a small present. But sometimes they don’t need any presents, they need love and care.
When I look on the calendar I understand how quickly days are going, and that means that our life is going quickly too. Which mark will we leave on the earth?! Maybe we have life for changing somebody’s life for the better? There can not be nobody’s children!! Children are our future, so let’s we come together change not only our country’s future but future of whole world! Each person is very important and everybody can change somebody’s life!!

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