In March: Grozovo orphanage

Posted: March 27, 2012 by Dobr9k in Grozovo

Here, finally, came the spring – time of love, hope and new expectations! I want to tell you what was seeing and felt in March. During this month we had 4 meetings in Grozovo orphanage. I want to remind you that all our ut to meet us and try to delay us when we leave. They became as brothers and sisters or us during this time.
This month we could spent time our free time, discussed on different themes, watched films and hold different sport events. We try to tell to children that each of them can have life full of sense. As you know, our country has fourth place in the world on the list of countries for suicide. We want change this statistics not only in suicide but also in orphanhood imeetings are for teenagers for helping them to live in our society. A lot of children are don’t prepared for adult life when they finish being in the orphanage. We try to affect on then through our life and behavior. They lack good words, support and encouragement. We want to change it!
Dear reader, you can left words of love and encouragement for children from the orphanage on this website. Through this you can support these children. We promise to tell your words to them.
When we come children become happy and it is great to see their emotions. When I’m writing these words I remember how they run on the whole.
We believe that this statistics can be changed by taking children into families, so we often say about this fact.
Friends, we are grateful for everyone who reads about us, who supports us and who prays for us. Our team value it!! Because thanks to our together efforts we can influence on children’s lives!!

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