In March: Rudensk orphanage

Posted: March 28, 2012 by Dobr9k in Rudensk

In March our team, as always, on Tuesdays went to boarding school in Rudensk. On the children’s request they were given the topics “Нostility” and “Rivalry”. On the 20th of March a sporting event was held, also on the request of the children who wanted to even the score after the previous event.
Topics have been particularly relevant for some guys. In a confined space of the boarding school there’s often a problem of rivalry. The older and stronger teenagers set their power over the younger ones, hurt and bully them. In response, the younger children often grow closed or vice versa, aggressive. They develop a heightened sense of self-preservation. Therefore, we try to show the children that the relationships can be built in a different way. Friendship, mutual assistance, and readiness to help (from both sides) must be the basis of the communication.
The purpose of our team is to show the children that they are loved, and may be needed by someone, first of all, by God! And, of course, by us! We hope that the Lord will grow the dropped seed, and it will sprout into the souls of the children!
We see some positive changes in the behavior of many children, and in their communion with others. It’s nice when the kids come up and say that ceased to argue with a teacher, someone made it up with a friend, someone began to pray before going to bed, someone reads the Bible, someone really wants to go to church.
It’s especially striking to hear the child’s words: “I pray for you!” It’s wonderful to see how the Lord disposes the children to communication, opens their hearts to the perception of His Word!

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