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In May: Children’s ministry in Grozovo.

Posted: May 25, 2012 by Dobr9k in Grozovo

 The Bible is the only wise book that answers all the most important issues. The Bible is God’s amazing gift for everyone. This kids have learned about it on our lesson. When we came next time kids eagerly run to the street and asked if they would have a lesson! Classes were hold on the street. First we played outdoor games, playing smart, fun games, the “edible” game, very tired and finally just come the time to listen to the story of a boy who was very proud of the Bible. Then we learned a song about the worm, which has found the Bible and it was for him the most valuable find. In our prayer we thanked God for what He has given the Bible, and we can study it. On the next lesson, we talked with them about the importance of prayer, what is a prayer, what prayer is described in the Bible (Lk.11 :1-4) After the lesson was the most important part: each child was asked to pray! There was silence … and all the kids as best they could and knew how to take turns to pray! Thank God for these children’s hearts, full of ease and confidence! God always hears and answers our prayers. It’s true, because He promised to do so. God heard my prayer too!