In October: “Grozovo orphanage”

Posted: October 30, 2013 by Dobr9k in Grozovo

How amazing it is to meet you again on our page. A big “hello” to everybody!!!
Every Tuesday together with our team we went to orphanages to see the children we miss all the time. That’s great that we have good relationships with each other. Very often we mark the importance of these relatiIMG_5149ons and that’s why since this year we decided to talk about it in details. Our moral lessons this month were conneIMG_5138cted with the topic “Relations”. We brought up such questions as: there is nothing more important than relations, what Jesus told us about relations (the first commandment of the New Testament), the questions of priority in relations, relations are much more important than money and any other deals… All this was done for these children to have the right picture and viewpoint abouIMG_5099t relations, because usually they see relations as consumptive values or something simple and usual, though relations demand great efforts from the two sides. I’m happy that these lessons showed them a completely IMG_5151different view about relationships, changed their mind to a different side and they started appreciating more and more our coming to them and friendly, family relations we are trying to build with them. We desire to talk about this further for our children to develop into strong personalities, to be able to build strong families, raise up children, becoming a full unit of our society and country.
We are happy that you all contribute to this common cause with prays, resources, material help and a encouraging words about us…
May God bless you!!!

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