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In November: “Grozovo orphanage”

Posted: November 30, 2013 by Dobr9k in Grozovo

So a fruitful month of coming to the orphanage has passed already. Each time children are becoming dearer and dearer. And this is not because they are so good, but because they are reaching for God. That is the thing that makes us closer.
The best thing I like is that cIMG_6469hildren react on our words, topics and situations… I’d like to describe several events that took place in this particular period of time. In one of the meets we talked about Halloween, its origin, the meaning of this holiday, its connections with the other world and the symbolism of pumpkins. The reaction of children was very surprising to me – earlier they told us that it was cool and interesting to have spiritual games and tell fortunes, IMG_6440but this time everything was vice versa – all this was disgustful for them and disregardful. That happened us! Maybe they just grew up? No, I think that it’s God Who works in their hearts. Next time we were talking about “Free Hugs” and we had the atmosphere of joy and love. Moreover aIMG_6462t the end of the other lesson I liked when Vika came to me and told that she doesn’t regret that I persuaded her to come, as the topic of our discussion was “loneliness” and it was actual for her. As the result we promised to pray for each other during the next week. The last meeting I liked most of all. The topic was “betrayal”, and we modeled such a situation when one of the best friends betrayed the other one. As an example we took two real good friends Olya and Polina. At the beginning Olya couldn’t forgive Polina for betrayal under any circumstances, but at the end of discussion, whenIMG_6465 Olya realized the weight and results of an unforgiven person and act by the example of Judas who betrayed Jesus and ruler Zedekiah and the opportunity to change the situation with the help of forgiveness by the example of Moses and Jesus, she not only forgave Polina but also wanted to help her. What is more amazing is that at the last prayer Polina prayed together with me and Vadim. IMG_6438Amazing was not just the fact of praying but the character of Polina’s communication with God. The prayer was so natural, confident and spiritual which leads to one thought – Polina prays regularly and her relations with God are growing gradually. And it makes me so happy. It’s a big stimulus to serve these children and reach them to God.
That’s why I ask to support us prayerful, and moreover pray for these guys for each of them had a family and a happy childhood, and also pray for the dream – Belarus without orphans.
Bless you!

In November: “Our ministry to the little ones”

Posted: November 29, 2013 by Dobr9k in Grozovo

If you take 5 children at the age of 16 living with parents, they all DSC03358will be different. They have different lives which don’t look alike. Their lives depict various pictures. But if you take 50 children from an orphanage it’s evident that they are different, too, but their lives have so much in common. More often their daily life looks like: the same walls in the building, a strict schedule every day, the same faces and a great amount of sad and old memories. Besides, betrayal, self-deception, absence of faith and love are often met here. And that is the most grieved thing. The biggest IMG_7394orphan’s dream is to be near those who are able to teach you love someone, to give you hope, to show you the strength of faith and to be near the people who won’t give you any empty and false communications.
Going to the orphanage I pray for being a spiritual support for these children. Giving Biblical lessons I’m trying to take a necessary topic and nformation to reach their hearts. Looking at them, you hope to see them as the heroes of their future families and children who they will have in future, too. I believe that it will be so!IMG_6444
Several months ago children were ready to be occupied in any creative work, games, communication and sports but not in Biblical lessons, But today with the help of our God we can see the change in their characters. Besides, children are looking forward to seeing us and listening to these lessons. Praise God that He gives us this opportunity to see this change for better!

In November: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: November 28, 2013 by Dobr9k in Belinichy

Unfortunately , this month there were fewer trips to Belinichy boarding . But despite this , we were able to tIMG_7106alk with the guys on the following topics : ” How to learn to be a good friend “, “Solitude” , and we have already started topicIMG_7125s about waiting for the birth of Jesus Christ. This time is called – Advent . First Advent was devoted to the theme: ” Jesus was born to bring peace .” Our meetings have been constructed in the formIMG_7138 of discussions , which gave the children a good opportunity to show their opinion . In addition, we conducted various games organized private communications with the guys who are particularly needed support and communication. Moreover, children from boarding Belinichy love to sing so we always sing a lot! Despite health problems , these children are happy to learn new songs .IMG_7127
Besides the positive side, we have also encountered difficulties . This month, it was hard to keep discipline. BuIMG_7122t this was not because the kids are noisy or unruly, but because there were fewer trips than usual. Accordingly, they really did not have enough of our attention. They just wanted to have fun, laugh , talk , because for long periods of our absence , they have something new going on than they would like to share with us. We hope that in December we will be able to visit them more often. Therefore , we would be grateful if you will pray that the next month we could pay more attention to children from boarding Belinichy .

In November: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: November 27, 2013 by Dobr9k in Rudensk

Greetings, everyone! We got through yet another month of our serving in Rudensk orphanage. That monthIMG_6836 was full on various events.
We were covering a “Loneliness” topic at the beginning of the month. It is so easy tDSC03359o feel lonely and unwanted among the people, where even among the crowd the one can feel abandoned and without any real friends. We were talking that even if people didn’t have a place for one in their hearts, he was always in the heart of the Lord. We told those children how important they were to God.
We had contests on the following week. We normally don’t have a lot of time to talk with everybody personally, despite the fact that they are looking forward to it; so, we make various contesIMG_7013ts in order to make our communication more productive. We are trying tIMG_6999o fill out their need for communication this way. Besides, during these contests children could see our team, our behavior and reaction in critical situations, in stress, and in losing situations. Our Lord loves us, and we showed this love to the children. These contests helped us to express through actions what’s inside us and our faith in Him. These orphans saw not just mere words, but actions.
We also had all-boys and all-girls meetings this month. The hot topic in the boy’s group was communicating with girls, where DSC03386placing your partner over yourself was a key to success. We also talked about practical expressDSC03377ions of love and caring. Our all-girls group had a chat with professional make-up designer, who taught them to take care of their face beauty and make a good quality make-up.
We also started advents, the series of meetings before Christmas. We were talking about the contribution and sharing of Jesus through his birth. And the word “peace” was the first one brought up. We talked that we got a chance to live in peace, if we follow Jesus Christ.
Thank you very much for all of your support! Thank you everyone who keeps an orphan problem close to their heart!

In November: “Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: November 25, 2013 by Dobr9k in Smilovichi

IMG_7353Good morning, evening, afternoon! I’m very glad you read our news, pray and feel for orphans, as well as we do and God does! Lately I’ve noticed that I started to couIMG_7379nt days before the next meeting with children! Our conversations with them become closer and more opened. We talked about sin recently, how it damages us, our relationships with close people and especially our families. One evening the children shared their stories of getting into orphanage. They all told about what happened in their lives, except for one girl. At that day we split all the children into 2 groups. With the older ones we spoke about how disbelief in God damages their own lives and lives of their parents. They had no happiness in their eyes, but we told them that if God gives them a chance to return to their families, they should talk to thDSC03427e parents about God! I sincerely believe these conversations will have fruitIMG_7385. I want not only to tell children about God, but also to get them as close to God as we are, so faith in God could light up in them at 12-13 years old, and they would spread the Gospel, first to their mothers and fathers. For younger children there was a special program, so they could play, talk to our team members and do creative tasks.