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In October: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: October 30, 2013 by Dobr9k in Rudensk

DSC03232Our lives made that way that we can’t go without socializing with one another. Of you course you can drag yourself thru life in your lonely pride, but it will be just existence.  All people need unselfish relIMG_6154ationships, based on trust, the same sympathies, interests and passions. Friendship is always important topic to talk about, including age group of eleven thru seventeen years old. At this age friends can earn value when they stand up for each other in their changing and unprotected world. Teenagers are ready to give up anything to build a friendship, however it’s a big loss to them when it breIMG_6172aks. So now what, it’s better not have friends at all? Of course not! In order to have a good friendship you need to know rIMG_6180ight foundations. That’s why we spent two gatherings of the month to talk about friendships. On those gatherings we talked that friendship builds up on support of each other and how can we be the person that others can trust.  We tried to make kids think about characteristics of a good friend and what God thinks about friendships.
On third gatheringIMG_6175 we talked about that we need to show love to surrounding people and that God showed His love to all people by sending His only Son oDSC03167n earth.
Fourth gathering was different from all the others. We had long-awaited “girls’ and boys’ talk”. This is probably most favorite meeting for kids in this orphanage. For boys we had organized meeting with professional photographers. In the beginning of this meeting kids were taught how to act in front of the camera. Another thing that kids were taught, that in order to get beautiful picture it’s not necessary to have open body or have improper body position during the photo-shoot. After the meeting each kid had a chance to take a picture.  Boys and girls had it done separately so they all can feel comfortable while taking pictures. It seemed that all kids were satisfied! Soon we’re planning to print these pictures and give to each kid who attended the meeting.

In October: “Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: October 30, 2013 by Dobr9k in Smilovichi

We met many new children in the new academic year. And we became very good friends with them. DSCN3483Every time they waited for u7SqF_d-1do8s with impatience, we had group hugs and incredible joy together. Every time we leave children didn’t want to let us go. Everyone wanted to talk to us for as long as they can, they wanted to tell us about themselves and theirs study, showed us crafts, pictures and were telling us what they have learned when we have been away.
This month we hDSCN3504ad 3 trips to Smilovichi. First God’s creations – God created an Earth and how many day it was take to do these things. We didn’t tell them that God created a man, we just saved this fact for the next lesson to have much more time to explaiDSCN3505n them.
During the lesson, children molded from colored dough things that God created every day, and that was such a good opportunity for them to keep this craft and remember the lesson much better..
7 of October we had our second meeting. We talked about the most precious creation of God – man, God has given his heart to the man. We said that every child was created by God too, and God gave them names as like he gave names DSCN3465to Adam and Eve, that was good way to show them how good their naIMG_7086mes are, and they should love it. Plus we created every child name using pasta and paper, plastered with clay.
For last meeting we invite a Christian children’s puppet show with the program of “Creation” to show children what we have told them.
After each meeting they become more and more closer to us. It’s sad to say goodbye to them. In my heart I worry more and more about their future, as it’s becoming more and more obvious how much the miss home.
Indeed God created the Family, not orphanages. Everyone needs family.

In October: “Grozovo orphanage”

Posted: October 30, 2013 by Dobr9k in Grozovo

How amazing it is to meet you again on our page. A big “hello” to everybody!!!
Every Tuesday together with our team we went to orphanages to see the children we miss all the time. That’s great that we have good relationships with each other. Very often we mark the importance of these relatiIMG_5149ons and that’s why since this year we decided to talk about it in details. Our moral lessons this month were conneIMG_5138cted with the topic “Relations”. We brought up such questions as: there is nothing more important than relations, what Jesus told us about relations (the first commandment of the New Testament), the questions of priority in relations, relations are much more important than money and any other deals… All this was done for these children to have the right picture and viewpoint abouIMG_5099t relations, because usually they see relations as consumptive values or something simple and usual, though relations demand great efforts from the two sides. I’m happy that these lessons showed them a completely IMG_5151different view about relationships, changed their mind to a different side and they started appreciating more and more our coming to them and friendly, family relations we are trying to build with them. We desire to talk about this further for our children to develop into strong personalities, to be able to build strong families, raise up children, becoming a full unit of our society and country.
We are happy that you all contribute to this common cause with prays, resources, material help and a encouraging words about us…
May God bless you!!!

In October: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: October 30, 2013 by Dobr9k in Belinichy

The month September was filled with many events in orphanage so that we visited the orphanage in October. o7G7QWGcoUcOver the summer and months September children were missed us very much so that they gave us warm welcome. Life of orphan children is not as colourful and joyful as the children who live with their own parents. The children are very happy to see us iDSC03273n the orphanage and give us many thanks and warm welcome. Our visit the orphanage is a colourful even for the children.
It is an old saying that “when you are in trouble, help another individuals and you feel better”. It is true and when you live and help other people it brings you joy. The orphan children appreciate activity and with great pleasure take part in our programs which we offer them. They enjoy sing a songs and take part in Bible lessons.
This month we have shareIMG_5670d a story about Jonah and about God’s love towards us. We also have said that God would never abandon us. God always gives us the second chance and hope. God is merciful and in spite of our disobedience gives us a hope and redemptions. We spoke with the children on following theDSC03219mes “more than carpenter” and Jesus as our Messiah, God and Saviour.
I am always asked myself what I am going to give the children why am I going to the orphanage. Am I ready to be a tool in God’s hands? What God does wants from me? How can I help the children and how can I share my love to the children. Whenever we depart the orphanage my heart is filled with worry for the children and their future. I am always under the impression of the orphanage visitation. My heart is filled with desire to taking part in children’s liIMG_5687fe. While the visitation I embrace the children, give them my love, smile and listen them. The children are in need of love, support and relationship. They want to be loved and accepted.DSC03207
We consider our ministry as a high priority to serve the Lord and children. For us It is more than ministry it is a close connection with the children and strong desire give them comfort and joy. The ministry helps us to ponder our own life and find our own troubles insignificant. The ministry teaches us to understand other people, love and forgive them.
God blesses us abundantly in the ministry and He always available to support us and encourage for the ministry.

In October: “Belarus without orphans”

Posted: October 8, 2013 by Dobr9k in Conferences

On October 12, 2013, we are planning to hold an annual Christian conference dedicated to the service to orphans. The conference is called “Belarus without orphans”.