In October: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: October 30, 2013 by Dobr9k in Rudensk

DSC03232Our lives made that way that we can’t go without socializing with one another. Of you course you can drag yourself thru life in your lonely pride, but it will be just existence.  All people need unselfish relIMG_6154ationships, based on trust, the same sympathies, interests and passions. Friendship is always important topic to talk about, including age group of eleven thru seventeen years old. At this age friends can earn value when they stand up for each other in their changing and unprotected world. Teenagers are ready to give up anything to build a friendship, however it’s a big loss to them when it breIMG_6172aks. So now what, it’s better not have friends at all? Of course not! In order to have a good friendship you need to know rIMG_6180ight foundations. That’s why we spent two gatherings of the month to talk about friendships. On those gatherings we talked that friendship builds up on support of each other and how can we be the person that others can trust.  We tried to make kids think about characteristics of a good friend and what God thinks about friendships.
On third gatheringIMG_6175 we talked about that we need to show love to surrounding people and that God showed His love to all people by sending His only Son oDSC03167n earth.
Fourth gathering was different from all the others. We had long-awaited “girls’ and boys’ talk”. This is probably most favorite meeting for kids in this orphanage. For boys we had organized meeting with professional photographers. In the beginning of this meeting kids were taught how to act in front of the camera. Another thing that kids were taught, that in order to get beautiful picture it’s not necessary to have open body or have improper body position during the photo-shoot. After the meeting each kid had a chance to take a picture.  Boys and girls had it done separately so they all can feel comfortable while taking pictures. It seemed that all kids were satisfied! Soon we’re planning to print these pictures and give to each kid who attended the meeting.

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