In October: “Our ministry to the little ones”

Posted: November 4, 2013 by Dobr9k in Grozovo

When I go to the orphanage I feel joy and sadness at the same time. On the one side, it’s so DSC03278great to see all the guys, but then you become sad because they are orphans. Very often you see how someone is trying to please you, but someone else steps aside. Children seem to be different, but they have the same pain. The main problem of orphans is loneliness. It’s always evident that they need a closeDSCN3423 friend, but at the same time they are trying to hide this pain under nice smiles.
“Doesn’t God love us? Why didn’t my mom come to me and take me away? I was praying all the night asking Jesus her to come!” God gave an opportunity to answer children all their questions before this world could give a false answer. I want to share children’s experience I’ve observed during this month: “Sasha, will you come next week? Will we sing? Will we have gifts today? What will we play today?” These and all the unsaid questions that children aDSCN3410sk prove that every child needs a close friend.
This month we touched uponDSC03293 the following questions: “The evil and the good”, “Friendship”, “Ten commandments” and “A prayer”. Through these topics we tried children to rich the truth about God. We believe that God worked and will work in future. Because some children didn’t have and even still don’t have hope. Not every child with his or her own mind will realize nowadays how strong God loves. The reaction of every child on the heard can be absolutely different. I think that it’s natural. Our concern is to tell them about God and give them our love and care. I believe that some children have a result already, and in someone else we’ll see it later. Because God knows what He is doing!

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