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In November: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: November 28, 2013 by Dobr9k in Belinichy

Unfortunately , this month there were fewer trips to Belinichy boarding . But despite this , we were able to tIMG_7106alk with the guys on the following topics : ” How to learn to be a good friend “, “Solitude” , and we have already started topicIMG_7125s about waiting for the birth of Jesus Christ. This time is called – Advent . First Advent was devoted to the theme: ” Jesus was born to bring peace .” Our meetings have been constructed in the formIMG_7138 of discussions , which gave the children a good opportunity to show their opinion . In addition, we conducted various games organized private communications with the guys who are particularly needed support and communication. Moreover, children from boarding Belinichy love to sing so we always sing a lot! Despite health problems , these children are happy to learn new songs .IMG_7127
Besides the positive side, we have also encountered difficulties . This month, it was hard to keep discipline. BuIMG_7122t this was not because the kids are noisy or unruly, but because there were fewer trips than usual. Accordingly, they really did not have enough of our attention. They just wanted to have fun, laugh , talk , because for long periods of our absence , they have something new going on than they would like to share with us. We hope that in December we will be able to visit them more often. Therefore , we would be grateful if you will pray that the next month we could pay more attention to children from boarding Belinichy .