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In November: “Our ministry to the little ones”

Posted: November 29, 2013 by Dobr9k in Grozovo

If you take 5 children at the age of 16 living with parents, they all DSC03358will be different. They have different lives which don’t look alike. Their lives depict various pictures. But if you take 50 children from an orphanage it’s evident that they are different, too, but their lives have so much in common. More often their daily life looks like: the same walls in the building, a strict schedule every day, the same faces and a great amount of sad and old memories. Besides, betrayal, self-deception, absence of faith and love are often met here. And that is the most grieved thing. The biggest IMG_7394orphan’s dream is to be near those who are able to teach you love someone, to give you hope, to show you the strength of faith and to be near the people who won’t give you any empty and false communications.
Going to the orphanage I pray for being a spiritual support for these children. Giving Biblical lessons I’m trying to take a necessary topic and nformation to reach their hearts. Looking at them, you hope to see them as the heroes of their future families and children who they will have in future, too. I believe that it will be so!IMG_6444
Several months ago children were ready to be occupied in any creative work, games, communication and sports but not in Biblical lessons, But today with the help of our God we can see the change in their characters. Besides, children are looking forward to seeing us and listening to these lessons. Praise God that He gives us this opportunity to see this change for better!