In October: Conference: “Belarus without orphans”

Posted: November 4, 2013 by Dobr9k in Conferences

On October 12, 2013 we organized the conference in Minsk “Belarus without orphans”. This IMG_5954conference was dedicated to the people of three categories: support to the parents who adopted orphans, motivation for those who consider adoption, and training for those who work with orphans.
Conference attended parents whIMG_5848o adopted orphans as well as people and families who have the desire in their hearts to adopt or foster a teenaged or younger orphan. All in all there were 150 people at the conference!
We gave thanks to God for the reason that the conference did take place. We also thank everyone who prayed for the conference and upported it financially. On the way to reach IMG_6006the dream – Belarus without orphans – there always will be difficulties and resistance because orphans are the most spiritually unprotected category of children.
Our dream is the country without IMG_5917orphans. But sometimes the most unprepared audience are the parents! Many have the right motivation. Many have not just desire but even material abilities to adopt children. But the curse of our age is the lack of practical knowledge and experience of adoption. Because of this some adoptive parents among evangelical Christians return adopted orphans to the orphanages. We are fighting this phenomenon. At the conference we tried toIMG_5877 address many important problems: adopting a traumatized child, first months and first years of adoption, adopted children in teenage times – how to help a child to go throIMG_5850ugh the hard times of character development. The adopted children would not remain young for a long time but sometimes because of lack of knowledge comes disappointment and then returning of orphans back to the orphanage.
One of the seminars was for adoptive parents. At this seminar we talked about emotional burn out and how you can help yourself. Many adoptive parents who adopted more than one child slip out, become disappointed and give up. All because they have much work, everyday cares and on top of that problems in rising adopted children for which they were not prepared.
Many parents do not dare to adopt because of the fear of IMG_6001the genes. Others become so confused that they do not see any other solution except as to return adopted children to orphanage. We had families who IMG_5875openly talked about these issues. Disappointed people think that this is their problem but it is the Satan who seeds doubts in people’s hearts and they start to even waver in faith. What is going to happen to them if they would not find support? We already have 30 Christian families that returned children to orphanages. This is the Satan’s strategy – to disappoint people in themselves and then to beat them out to leave the churches through their feeling of guilt and total nullity.
I am thankful to God that He has showed us these needs and showed us the way of how we can support these peIMG_5883ople. Besides the encouragement the conference gave people the real psychological, juridical and practical help at the seminars. At the seminars people had the opportunity to speak about their everyday problems and IMG_5903to get help they needed.
At the conference attendants had the opportunity to hear Gods point of view on the situation with orphans through the teachings and witnessing.
People who serve to the orphans in the orphanages and shelters learned the practical skills for this ministry. They also had the opportunity to exchange resources and skills. This was also very helpful for those who try to organize tIMG_5930his kind of ministry.
This is the third year when we held this conference. At the end of each conference we asked people to fill out the questionnaire – we wanted to give peIMG_5952ople the opportunity to give their feedback and suggestions. We can see that many people need juridical and psychological help. In response to this need we have opened a consultation center for adopting parents where people can come with their needs.
We believe that our common dream – Belarus without orphans – is real if we unite together as a society in our support for adopting parents and orphans.

  1. Егор Т. says:

    This is a great conference and very much needed as you explained here. Adoption is a very hard and complicated work! The adoptive parents very often are under spiritual attacks because they are fighting the spiritual forces of darkness by obeying God’s command of caring for orphans! They need all the help they can get! The Bible says that “everyone who will try to live righteously will be persecuted”. Great thank you to everyone who was organizing and preparing this conference! May God give you health and strength and bless you richly!

    Это очень важная и необходимая конференция! Усыновление это очень тяжелая и сложная работа! Приемные родители очень часто подвержены духовным атакам, потому что они решили соблюдать Божью заповедь о заботе о сиротах – они боряться с духовными силами тьмы! Приемные родители нуждаются в огромной помощи! Библия говорит “что каждый кто будет жить праведно будет преследуем”. Огромное спасибо всем кто организовал и помог провести эту конференцию! Да благословит вас Бог здоровьем, крепостью и всяким другим благословлением!

  2. Dobr9k says:

    Егор, а тебе большое спасибо за поддержку и участие в нашем служении несмоотря на расстояние!)))

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