In November: “Grozovo orphanage”

Posted: November 30, 2013 by Dobr9k in Grozovo

So a fruitful month of coming to the orphanage has passed already. Each time children are becoming dearer and dearer. And this is not because they are so good, but because they are reaching for God. That is the thing that makes us closer.
The best thing I like is that cIMG_6469hildren react on our words, topics and situations… I’d like to describe several events that took place in this particular period of time. In one of the meets we talked about Halloween, its origin, the meaning of this holiday, its connections with the other world and the symbolism of pumpkins. The reaction of children was very surprising to me – earlier they told us that it was cool and interesting to have spiritual games and tell fortunes, IMG_6440but this time everything was vice versa – all this was disgustful for them and disregardful. That happened us! Maybe they just grew up? No, I think that it’s God Who works in their hearts. Next time we were talking about “Free Hugs” and we had the atmosphere of joy and love. Moreover aIMG_6462t the end of the other lesson I liked when Vika came to me and told that she doesn’t regret that I persuaded her to come, as the topic of our discussion was “loneliness” and it was actual for her. As the result we promised to pray for each other during the next week. The last meeting I liked most of all. The topic was “betrayal”, and we modeled such a situation when one of the best friends betrayed the other one. As an example we took two real good friends Olya and Polina. At the beginning Olya couldn’t forgive Polina for betrayal under any circumstances, but at the end of discussion, whenIMG_6465 Olya realized the weight and results of an unforgiven person and act by the example of Judas who betrayed Jesus and ruler Zedekiah and the opportunity to change the situation with the help of forgiveness by the example of Moses and Jesus, she not only forgave Polina but also wanted to help her. What is more amazing is that at the last prayer Polina prayed together with me and Vadim. IMG_6438Amazing was not just the fact of praying but the character of Polina’s communication with God. The prayer was so natural, confident and spiritual which leads to one thought – Polina prays regularly and her relations with God are growing gradually. And it makes me so happy. It’s a big stimulus to serve these children and reach them to God.
That’s why I ask to support us prayerful, and moreover pray for these guys for each of them had a family and a happy childhood, and also pray for the dream – Belarus without orphans.
Bless you!

  1. Егор Т. says:

    Огромное спасибо за замечательные новости!!! Так радостно слышать, что ребята духовно растут! Это так сильно подбадривает знать, что наша тяжелая работа и молитвы приносит плод! Слава Богу! Здоро что ребята поменяли своё отношение к Хэлоуину! Это просто поразительно! Это возможно только с помощью Святого Духа! Здорово, что ребята понимают важность прощения – как сказал Христос, если мы не будем прощать, то и Бог не простит нам наши грехи. И ещё здорово, что Полина не только молится но и общается с Богом!
    Всё это такие замечательные новости! 🙂 Спасибо вам за это! 🙂 Слава Богу и Господу Иисусу Христу!
    Продолжаю молиться о вас и о сиротах каждый день.

  2. Dobr9k says:

    Слава Богу!))) За Полину сейчас особенно важно молиться, потому что сейчас она ещё больше сталкивается с непониманием со стороны сверстников и некоторых взрослых. Насмешки, выговора и психологическое давление на сегодняшний день испытывает Полина… Будем молиться и надеяться, что Бог даст ей сил противостоять и ещё больше утвердит в решении следовать за Богом!

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