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In January: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: January 29, 2014 by Dobr9k in Rudensk

A Christmas programme was held in Rudensk this month. Children could sIMG_9771ee and understand why Christ IMG_9732came to Earth and how difficult it is to live without God. We were very happy to see children and especially teachers who had an opportunity to hear gospel. After the performance children got presents. Every child always waits for this moment! That’s so pleasant to see happy children’s faces! That’s why we are thankful to those who helIMG_9800ped to collect these gifts and participatedIMG_9786 financially! Thank God for your work!
Besides the Christmas meeting we had “stag -parties” and “hen-parties” this month. Girls were learning cooking. They could show their worth in “Culinary science”. We are glad that girls already have certain abilities, but we decided to enrich their knowledge sometimes. At the end we prayed for each of them could be a good wife and mom in future. Boys were discussing the topic: “IMG_1948Success and prospeIMG_1972rity in life”. Guys were talking about what you need to do to be successful and how to use it in practice. Many of the boys will graduate from the school this year so in our opinion they need to get a good and simple piece of advice. For example, how to use money correctly and how to have good relationships with people. We shared our personal experience and it was like a key to open the hearts of teenagers. As the biblical example we took the life of Joseph. The conclusion was the fact that Joseph was very successful because God was always with him.
In February we are planning to devote most of our meetings to such topics as: “The Bible is the word of God”, “What for am I studying the Bible”, “the Bible as a life guideline” and also to add watching films based in these topics. We ask you to pray for these meetings not to be useless!