In February: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: March 6, 2014 by Dobr9k in Belinichy

We chose the Book of Books – the Bible as the main subject of our conversations with DSC03600children in February.
We spoke with children why the Bible takes special place among a huge set of books (fantastic, informative, scientific, and different others). Because the Creator of the worIMG_2114ld speaks about Himself in it. He says how people should be with Him. The Bible tells stories of people who loved God, and teaches us to take example from them. Why do we read the Bible? We read it to understand what the Creator expects from us,to learn to live so that to b5OjItNWpFtAecome his children.
It seems to me very important to tell the children about it. There is a wish to believe that everything what they heard will help them in their future and that among many ways they will be able to distinguish and choose the correct one, and they will be able to avoid terrible mistakes and sins, having remembered the Creator.
IMG_2149I can’t but tell about children, and those discoveries which you make thanks to communication with them. It is not just about us teaching them. It is more. So, this month we run sport competitions with strong support of fans. We, teachers, also participated in the competitions.
DSC03589These games really united us: children and leaders who run together with them, children among themselves. Children though compete, but they also worry about each other. They are able to come to the rescue. One girl, Polina was especially remembered to me: she was so attentive to her friends, she helped all. She rushed to catch a ball, to help the friend after a command “to jump” to jump in a bag!
I like to see these children open and sincere. They don’t pretend they are sincere. None of them should be persuaded, they are all very active.

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