In March: “Grozovo orphanage”

Posted: March 31, 2014 by Dobr9k in Grozovo

7XpHhVDTuMIHello my friends! We glad to have such an early spring here! As a result we have some changes in our lives and ministry. With the arrival of spring everybody goes outdoors to walk, to fish, to exercise at stadiums and our guys are not the exceptions.DSC03744 The problem is that our friends stopped coming to our lessons because they wanted to spend their time outdoors. To tell the truth, they wanted to be with us and to communicate but a long-awaited spring has won.
DSC03763 So we consulted about it and decided to go to their territory and communicate individually with them in the places they wanted to be. Such conditions helped us to gain confidence of children and it opened their hearts for our words about Jesus. We raised such topics as “why do we go to church?”, “why do we read the Bible?”, DSC03770“Life is not a game – we should have a serious attitude to it” and talked about many different questions. RUuwcEWqP1MGuys spoke actively and we were happy that they are not indifferent. This is the right time when we can build the basis of the Christian life in their minds hoping them to use this knowledge outside the orphanage. Especially it applies to graduates as they have to make a step into their own independent lives soon. We pray for our graduates to have enough efforts and confidence and also to be blessed by God in their choice concerning education and their future profession. We thank you for your support and ask you to join us in our prayers for graduates of the orphanages.

  1. Егор Т. says:

    Молодцы, что пошли к ребятам на “их территорию” – нужно общаться с ребятами, там где им приятнее и поддерживать их в их полезных занятиях. И быть на природе очень полезно, потому что в природе мы видим Бога, через то что Он сотворил – “От создания мира невидимые свойства Бога – Его вечная сила и божественная природа – вполне могут быть поняты через рассматривание того, что Он сотворил.” (Римлянам 1:20). И конечно же приятное общение помогает ребятам сблизиться с вами. Слава Богу, за то что Он проявил Себя в вашем общении с ребятами на природе!
    Продолжаю молиться о вас и о сиротах каждый день.

  2. Dobr9k says:

    Спасибо за молитвы, Егор!)))

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