In March: “Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: March 30, 2014 by Dobr9k in Smilovichi

Hello, my dear friends!
DSC03904The beautiful spring time has come. I’m very glad we have an opportunity to visit orphanages in any time of the year. DSC03892In the orphanage in Smilovichi I’ve got many friends. There are children of different ages. Whether it is a teenager or a little child, they all are always looking forward to us. This month we’ve played, communicated, learned new topics, watched cartoons with them. A lot of children hardly know about God, but they really enjoy what we tell them. Most of all they like craftwork and drawing pictures on particular biblical themes. They always do their best to do all the tasks, answer the questions with joy and sometimes even ask their own questions. The characters of children are different. Some of them know us not so well, but gradually they begin to trust us more and more. IMG_2595They tell us what is going on in their lives and about their studies. IMG_2602Many of them share with us how they miss home, parents and friends, tell us about their fear of the unknown. During the main biblical lesson a part of our team separates in order to talk with those who are unsociable, often cry and hardly communicate. For such children we apply face-to-face communication which helps them to open up. And we should pray and believe that these children will open their hearts not only to us, but also to God!

  1. Егор Т. says:

    Конечно в таких меленьких детях невозможно ожидать духовную зрелую реакцию на проповедь Благой Вести, но крипитесь и да не опускаются у вас руки, такие маленькие дети самая благодатная почва для Божьего Слова. К примеру, я почувствовал вечность в сердце своем, которую Бог помещает в сердце каждого человека, когда мне было всего 6 лет, а когда мне было 7 лет я почувствовал присутствие Бога в моей личной жизне. Поэтому продолжайте проповедывать Божье Слово Его детям, каковыми являются сироты. И Бог проростит это семя в свое время. Это чаще всего занимает многие годы и рост нам не заметен, так же мы не видим как поминутно растёт дерево, но оно растёт! 🙂

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