In October: “Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: November 3, 2014 by Dobr9k in Smilovichi

I’m very grateful to God for this new school year! Because we started going to Smilovichi orjrpA8ni1Jd0phanage again. Children there coAIdXqm78r68me and go, but nevertheless we manage to show them that they can trust us and they do, they tell us what’s going on in their lives, about their studies and their worries.
We met new kids this year and became good friends with them. There aren’t many of them at the moment, so we have closer communication with them. This month, as well as the previous ones, we have been talking about God, and we continue to talk about His character. To make our meetings livelier, we added some more songs and games. It’s such a wonderful feeling when we are with these kids. It seems like time is flying so fast when we are together, so we are trying to do aDSCN4759s many things as we can, to share as more love and give attention as we can.swXMEJ7YBvI
Last week two new children arrived to the orphanage. It’s a boy and a girl. It’s so sad that their parents didn’t want their children anymore. We are trying to become friends with them too, and I think we are making progress in it.
It’s so amazing and heart-warming that children are always looking forward to seeing us. So I I’d like to say: if rLD0lisbbLQyou want to do something good, orphanages and boarding-schools are the places you should go. These are plDSC04870aces where no one expects you to have cool clothes, to be famous and rich. Orphans need your care, love and attention. And you can give it to them. The most important things are how you treat other people and weather you love God the way you say you do.
Many thanks to God for this chance to serve in the orphanage playing with the kids, talking with them about God and for new desks that we manage to get for them. We are thankful to those who contributed into it. It was such a joy to see happy faces of the kids as well as the teachers. Praise the Lord for everything!

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