In November: “Vileyka is a new orphanage for our ministry”

Posted: November 30, 2014 by Dobr9k in Vileyka

Hello everyone, who views our website, supports us, feels for us and prays for our ministry.
taHcvs0IpOQThis month God showed us a new orphanage where we can serve orphans, so we thank our God that it was relatively easy to talk to the administration of the orphanage about our ministry. We also thank God for kids being open-hearted and for behaving well during our lessons. _ZuKK2qJMbU
This orphanage is a bit different from all the others, because it’s a “specialised boarding school for children with difficult speech disorder”, so there are not only orphans but also kids who have some speech problems and they get help from speech therapists who work there. Many of these kids need dental braces to align and straighten their teeth and help to position them. The government doesn’t give money to buy dental braces, as a result a number of kids are in need of them.
I would like to share the experience of our trips there. First of all, I shall begin with saying that kids there are very friendly, from our first 07Ix-jMUmIstrip they started to try and get to know us and talk to us, it was really nice and encouraging. During our first trip we were playing with them, singing and telling them our testimonies, we let them know how God has changed our lives and it encouraged kids to become friendly towards us. We also learnt that children like playing football and they invited us to come and play some time, so we did. It was a hard game but the kids won, we were very happy for them, but what really pleased us was that when theQXp3qI18lhgy were loosing, they didn’t start fighting, but instead they tried harder and won. We haven’t seen this in any other orphanage that we’ve visited. And what’s more, other kids (who didn’t play) came to the gym to cheer for their team. We were amazed to see such friendship.
During our next trip we showed them a film called “Facing the Giants”. It’s an American Christian drama film iCiomroeos0about American football team. The coach guides and urges each one of his players to give the maximum effort, and motivates them to believe they can win under God’s provision. The kids really enjoyed the film. After the final whistle they all jumped up and started applauding. Later they asked us what was the name of the film as they wanted to watch it again and also to recommend it to their friends.
There were also lessons about friendship. We told them about the real friendship between David and Jonathan. The kids liked the story and promised to be that friendly to each other.
That’s how we spent a month in Vileyka. Please, pray that the Word of God would touch these kids’ hearts and they would accept our Heavenly Father in their lives.

  1. Yegor T. says:

    Слава Богу!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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