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In November:“Vileyka orphanage”

Posted: November 30, 2022 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Vileyka

Greetings, dear friends!

c7XJ6aY6S0QmGtBx-3Z95YThe month of November passed quickly. During that month we had a wonderful opportunity to attend the Vileika orphan boarding school. At this difficult time, which the whole world and our country are passing through, we see how grace is multiplying. Every meeting with children is special and our meeting topics are too. We are discussing what concerns young people the most now. This month we talked a lot about plans in life. Many guys don’t know how to make plans, they don’t even understand why do this. Because everything is scheduled for children in orphanages, every day they wake up at the same time, at the exact time they go to eat, study and etc. We see that in the future, if the guys are not taught how to make plans, they will have big problems! That’s why we talked to them about planning, about who and what influences our choices and how to avoid people who can ruin our lives. The older guys said that they and their friends are already deciding what they are going to do in the future. Then we discussed different situations and talked about what this or that choice could lead to. But taking care of the future we can forget that it is also necessary and important to build relationships with God. Cause we do not know how long we will live, and only God can give us confidence and hope! Then one teenager said: “I understand that we need to build relationships with God, but it’s not popular!”.

UBnhtP8bMu4LM0Mcu8xoL0Then we talked about death and what happens after it — every person will meet God and it is important during our earthly life to make a decision to follow God. If we say we don’t believe in God then when we die and see God, what will happen then? The guys said that it would be scary! And then I said, “In order not to have fear we need hope, which only God can give.” At that moment the grins and jokes stopped and silence reigned in the hall. “Nobody tells us about it,” the guys said. Then I said that we are here so that you have as few mistakes in your life as possible. Evil companies, premature pregnancy, theft, deception – even all of this we can’t compare to the last day when God will reject all those who love evil. Therefore when planning life we should not forget about this.

_MD1T8a7ji080hAu3epXTUWhen we visited children another time we told them that God is looking for a meeting with them. So our first topic for discussion was how to build our relationships with friends, teachers, relatives. The guys expressed many interesting points but there wasn’t any unified response. “We would love to be able to trust and feel safe with our loved ones and friends, but we are not because we have been betrayed so often that now we cannot have complete trust to anyone,” the guys shared. But as we gradually were unveiling the topic we came to the understanding that God can become our close friend who will never betray. We said to the guys that when anyone is praying and reveals his heart and problems to God he would notice that God has put all of these in order and it brings peace and comfort to the heart. Sometime during a prayer God reveals what is best to do or who you need to forgive. Prayer is a conversation between God and man. Therefore it is important not only to speak but also to listen, and when thoughts come into your mind memorize or write them down, so that later you can think whether these thoughts were from God or not. Prayer is a powerful weapon that helps to fight against depression as well as unforgiveness. Therefore we were talking about the importance of forgiveness of your offenders as well as parents, teachers, friends. We considered the steps how to do it. Also guys were taught how to pray. All the topics are simple and it is parents who instill them into our hearts in our childhood. We are glad that we can be part of a team that fills in the gaps of education in the lives of these guys!

In October:“Vileyka orphanage”

Posted: October 30, 2022 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Vileyka

Hello dear friends!
RDFuVoqaNmcP6xN0SWhzxsI am sharing with you the news of Vileika for October.
We go to the orphanage every Friday. And every Friday the children are waiting for us. When we enter the house, they run to hug us and ask how we are doing. It feels like we are not serving them, but they are serving us. Children are very open. They talk a lot about what is happening in their lives. We hug them and then we have main part of our meeting.
At first we start playing different action and observation games together to laugh together, compete and just to have a great time. Through games relationships develop and become stronger.
At our meetings we also hold planned topics “You are Special”. We tell the children that God created us special, and our birth was planned by God, He has a plan for each of us. And yet. God cares about everyone, and thinks about us constantly, because our names are written on His palm.MvgCKXqHj3cDK_N25--9qk
We use examples from the Bible and life. And every time we tell children that they are special about our love and God’s love for them something happens inside them. Children seem to blossom.
When we have lessons with children we can feel atmosphere of God and the guys are very involved. Every time we enter the house we ask God to fill this building and people with His presence. And God answers our prayers.
Also we started studying the song “Pavel Plahotin – You are unrepeatable”. Every time we sing it we see how children are getting filled with the love of God the Father. They really have something good going on inside in such moments.
In general we see that the Holy Spirit works in their lives and that changes them.
And today in such difficult time we thank God that orphanages are opened and we have the opportunity to visit children, show God’s love to them and influence them.
Thank you very much for your prayer support.

In September: “Vileyka orphanage”

Posted: September 30, 2022 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Vileyka

The first trip to the boarding school excited the whole team! We thought how to make the guys who JQX5mWfBpy8come to our meeting feel at home. Then it was decided to buy cakes, fruits and sit in an informal setting and chat with the guys. We did not know who came to us, because after summer, many graduates left the boarding school, and the other part of the guys was in different state camps. But Friday came we visited Vileysky 59I-mF-UOP0boarding school. Already on the threshold we were expected by children. They said that they were waiting for our arrival. We gathered in the assembly hall, placed chairs, tables and distributed treats. We created family atmosphere. And they began their communication with the fact that everyone ate and drank, because only for the holidays the guys eat cakes. “What’s the bT_HYwoZLnYcelebration?” – asked Sasha. “We celebrate the beginning of our trips to you, as well as the beginning of the school year. But also, let’s remember who had a birthday recently. ” The guys said when they had a birthday, and we congratulated them and ate a cake. Together we joked a lot, laughed and, each of the guys told how his summer passed. There were about thirty children and then the younger guys came up and joined us. Denis said that in the first summer he saw how baby chiks are sleeping, how they are pressed against each other to warm up. It was so cute to see little Denis and how it delighted him! When we arrived another time, we gathered the guys in the gym andfDYidv-j5eI conducted relay races for them to unite the guys. After all, when we want to win, we have to work in the team! Despite the age difference and academic performance, the guys tried to rely on each other. In general, in all boarding schools there are difficulties with this, since children are used to surviving and relying only on themselves. Because of this, of course, X2Pm0ssCzBcthere were difficulties at the beginning of the relay! But we did not give up and constantly talked about how important it is to learn to listen in order to fulfill the task, as well as be able to insure children who are weaker. Even in life it is important! In the middle of the game, seeing that one team is an order of magnitude stronger, we changed some guys. It was like this: everyone stood in a line and every second passed from one team to another. We talked about the fact that it happens in life – we meet with people, but time passes and, they are replaced by others that we may not really like, and maybe even weaker9qDJJ9GlG9c than the previous ones. But we must learn to live and understand that it will not always be the way we wish. Disappointment and joy were replaced by each other. Later, we talked with the guys that these games show us our strengths and weaknesses, as well as how important it is to learn how to notice what it turns out and what is not. All this is needed to s-qPzB6-4f0avoid problems in the future! The teacher, who saw everything that is happening said: “Thank you very much that you help us to form the right values ​​and installations in the life of the guys”! Also, this month we started a series of talks “You are special.” The first topic was called “You are special.” The fact is that the guys are in a specialized school, namely because of the development of speech. Many guys speak poorly and slurred, stutter, and some children are behind development. We want to show this series by the fact that they are unique. People, even peers, often strengthen their attention on the shortcomings of others, although they themselves have these shortcomings. We raise self -esteem saying that they are special, that they are not superfluous in this world and that God himself created them. One boy asked: “If I am special, then why do I have so many problems”? It is difficult to give the answer to the question “why” … But from the conversation further, it followed that the parents often drank and did not particularly look after him, so it all happened. Sin is an enemy of a person who is aimed at destroying and humiliation of people, children. We each other’s shortcomings. We are all different, but God loves us all. The younger guys began to ask: “And God loves me and me..”? “Yes, God loves you all”! It is nice to see the changes in children and that they have become even closer to understanding God!

Friends, thank you very much for your prayers, they are very important and needed now!

In May: “Vileyka orphanage”

Posted: May 31, 2022 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Vileyka

The study year has eventually come to its end, so it means that another season of our ministry in Vileyka zGGxRbsI848has also finished. Unfortunately, we had fewer trips to yskErGmPCDothis orphanage because of COVID-19 and many other circumstances. However, despite all this our relationships with the children weren’t destroyed. Vice versa, a lot of children changed their values and started to appreciate our meetings more and at the end of the year everyone tried to invite their friends. That’s why we met some of the children not long ago but we really hope that we will have an opportunity to visit the orphanage in Vileyka in September and our relationship will become stronger and stronger!

IMG-eb4c4c63f3419f47f6b523ee33771656-VYVXEBAKyrlmdYkJDcjM7CuMn0yEZ1qCdlTQCl9gfjiC9xwIcipRTaCYdStjX7aO02VjAdvpE_cRkSv9IlawGvW49According to our tradition, we’ve already said good-bye to the graduates, exchanged our phone numbers hoping that in the future we will be able to keep in touch. Pavel is one of the graduates. He is quite shy and reserved in communication but at the same time he faithfully attended our meetings and brought his friends there. When I asked him what profession he would like to get, he said that he was dreaming of becoming a programmer, but he wouldn’t even try to get there because he was afraid in advance that he wouldn’t be able to cope with studies. To be honest, his mood made me a bit upset, because I could clearly see that he doesn’t know how to dream, set goals and strive to achieve them. But the biggest problem is the fear to fail and be rejected. We had a long conversation and mentioned that God can make a person free from fears, lack of confidence, and give hope that people need so much. I hope that this talk wasn’t fruitless and Pavel will try to get the education of his dream! At the moment, I am trying to stay in touch with Pavel and I would really like to find a local church that will be able to accept, support and direct him during hard moments in his life! We are thankful to everyone who is praying with us for the orphan ministry and especially for the graduates who are entering adult life!

In April: “Vileyka orphanage”

Posted: May 1, 2022 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Vileyka

In April our trips to Vileyka continued. The guys from this boarding school are always pleased with the IMG-25d4736fc265d78ec3ef1bed2453a3b9-Vway they prepare for our arrival. WhenIMG-937243a13b3bc69f439c4c6903f7570b-V we drive up to the school, several high school students usually meet us at the gate, then they open the door of the boarding school building, go for the keys to the assembly hall where our meetings take place, then arrange the equipment and chairs themselves. Usually, this is the place where we can just come, greet the guys and just start our program! This month, we celebrated Easter. Therefore, we dedicated one of the meetings to the holiday of the Resurrection of IMG-b9b5ddbc411ab4cd2d11c82d413fd7f5-VIMG-83499b8d46ffb208c89be2841c8bad56-VJesus Christ! It is very sad that most of the children associate Easter with Easter cakes, rabbits and eggs. Even though every year we try to tell them about what Jesus Christ did, we still have to repeat it all over again, because the society forgets more and more about the most important essence of this holiday. But we don’t give up! We talked with the guys about Christ and His feat again and again ! After the meeting, we had the opportunity to present gifts with hygiene items and sweets to the children. Special thanks to those who collected these gifts! The children were delighted!

IMG-cd20b05cc17a9b7780d81467e55f6f0e-VIn addition, this month we have completed a series of topics in Vileyka about the miracles of Jesus Christ. The children were especially impressed by the story of how four good friends brought their paralyzed friend through the roof to Jesus, who healed him!

Let’s hope that God will continue to work with children’s hearts and they will not only hear about God, but also let Him into their hearts, into their lives!