In January:“Vileyka orphanage”

Posted: January 31, 2023 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Vileyka

JdUlqb1tHRYOur trips to Vileyka’s orphanage continue and we lpqjjsfia00are happy to spend Friday time with the kids. It’s nice to see how they consciously look for answers in the gospel or ask us. All the children who prayed the prayer of repentance come to every meeting and share with shining eyes what God is doing in their lives, how He answers their prayers! Dima, who does not know his parents at all, has stopped feeling abandoned and useless, he has become more confident and open with people. Two girls were very ashamed to speak, because they were born with problems and did not learn how to pronounce words correctly, now they communicate without fear and feel accepted by God. This is only a small part of everything that the Heavenly Father has done and healed in their lives.

eqLTsNfflswWhen we prepare Bible topics, we always focus on what the guys are LokHZF_4gtUfacing and try to give them not only theory, but also help them overcome difficulties in practice or get freedom from sin. One of the current topics this month was the topic of gossip. When we asked: Do you like it when others gossip about you? Everyone answered with one voice that No. But to the question: Who of you can sometimes gossip about others, everyone raised their hands and it was clear that they were not pleased to be aware of themselves as gossips. Listening attentively to everything we said on the topic of gossip, they said they did not want to participate in gossip anymore and asked for forgiveness before God. It’s nice to see that the Lord opens their hearts and transforms their minds. We also held a Christmas meeting in the form of games, singing and talking, and we also distributed gifts to everyone, collected with love and care, individually for each child. One boy shouted: Jesus gave me this gift! Everything I needed is here! Thank you very much to each of you for participating in the child’s life. May the Lord bless you and your families!

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