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In January: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: January 30, 2023 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Rudensk

Greetings, brothers and sisters!  We thank God for the renewal of the school year. While the children had their winter break, which took place at the Rudenks’ orphranage, we missed them very much. We didn’t see the kids for two weeks and managed to 78Q0aiotDuoget a bunch of messages from them saying that they missed us. Petya said: you guys are like family to us because you’re the only ones who regularly spend a lot of time with us. On our first trip, despite cold weather, the guys were already waiting for us outside. And SHkhKEp0z4cwhen they saw our car they ran to meet us. It was so nice. Everyone was trying to tell us how they spent their vacation, what to them happened during that time. Petya and Polina said they thought a lot about their repentance, which had happened in December, and later they said they would like to be baptized. I was so excited that the kids told me about that themselves. Thank God that in spite of that short break, the kids were figuring out what to do next. Brothers and sisters, let’s pray that God affirm this desire and the guys will dedicate their lives to God.

The first topic of this year was gossips. We have seen over the past few years that this topic H-B7CXCE_Gwis becoming more and more relevant. Gossip is a problem for orphaned children and we see how painful it is for the children when false accusations are made against them. We offered them to discuss that and YfrVb7IQDnseveryone got actively involved in the dialogue. We answered the question “Why do people gossip?” That happens because they are jealous, they gossip when they want to do something out of spite, Polina said they gossip because they want to appear better than others. We are glad that the children themselves understand so many things and that they participate in the discussion. We’ve finally reached a level where you only guide the topic and they come to the conclusion on their own. Then I asked what were the consequences of gossip? The answers included slander, quarrelsvXGvliNX3u4 among friends, loss of trust. Tell me, I asked them, what does God think of those people who gossip? And then we read the Bible and many were surprised that God’s Word speaks about this too. At the end when we prayed the children asked for God’s forgiveness and also asked God to give them the strength not to gossip anymore. Then the children asked each other for forgiveness. I was IB88WyiJWwwsurprised that even teenagers did it, reaching each other and saying, “I’m sorry I said so many bad things about you”.  Thank God the children reconciled on their own. Also at the next meeting we talked about swearing. I asked if swearing destroys our lives or not? The kids were puzzled. They asked me: What do you mean, Dima? I said: Everything has consequences and so do our words. Our words either create or destroy. Our bad words affect a friendship and can completely destroy a relationship. One teenager told me: I talk in foul language because I want to show everyone my independence so I can be respected. For a lot of kids he’s really an authority in school, but I explained: It might help to gain false authority here, but when you graduate you might have a problem. We recalled some graduates who also wanted to stand out by using foul language, acting defiant, and some of them ended up in rebellion against everyone else they are now in a nursing home! We talked about how swearing and being disobedient destroys trust and how the person who rebels gets into a hole of trouble that he has dug himself. Kids who have been coming to us for a long time said: Let’s ask God to help us get rid of swear words, because we can’t do it ourselves and when we are offended or see injustice, swear words come out by themselves. We prayed and asked God to give us grace not to use swear words. Dear brothers and sisters, let’s pray for change in the lives of the children. May God help them on their way to know God!

In January:“Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: January 30, 2023 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Smilovichi

Greetings, brothers and sisters! At the beginning of this year we were very happy to find out that in the SmilovichifwWKp2-LyOI orphanage Maxim and Alesya, brother and sister, reunited with their family. It has been more than seven months since they were taken from their family for the first time in their lives and placed in a orphanage. Their mother raising her children turned out to be unable to provide for the children and they were taken to a orphanage for some period of time. At our very first meeting Maxim and Alesya were scared and they were very slow with developing a rapport with us. But after some time they felt safe, they began to smile and said they could play with you. That’s how our friendship began. God blessed the team and when we were sharing with our friends about Ales and Maxim many believers donated clothes and when the children were taken away by their mother, she was very surprised at amount of necessary things her children used to lack.

irk9qcf2HtcI remember our last Christmas evening with the guys, when we celebrated the Nativity of Jesus Christ. I talked about the meaning of this holiday, that God gave the world the greatest gift — His Son and on the birthday of Jesus we can ask God to answer our prayers and needs. The prayer of the guys was to return back home to their mothers. I can say for sure that for everyone it was a great testimony of how God answers prayers. Alesya amd Maxim are finally home and we praise God for the answer to a simple prayer: – God help mom to take us back home as quickly as possible. There are also other children in the orphanage and we talked with them about the importance of prayer and how God answers prayer. An example of our lesson was Anna. We told about Anna’s life. About Peninnah who often offended Anna. After that Dima asked: Do believers have problems? We say: yes, they do, but let’s see how the story ended. God gave Anna the baby she asked for so much. What does this mean for us? To ask even when no one believes, to believe God even when you don’t see answer yet. It can be difficult to believe till you get the answer, but how happy Anna was when God answered her prayer and how happy we will be when God answers ours.

hK_aGVJ52GoPrayer is the key that sometimes opens closed doors. The next time we talked about Jonah, who was supposed to come to Nineveh. Jonah surprised the guys with his disobedience to God. Jonah was disobedient to God, just as we are sometimes — Polina said. In our life we often do not listen to God and do not act as He would like us to. We think we know more and we are smarter, but then we wonder why there are so many problems in our life. This story showed how much God loves the lost people of Nineveh, no one loved them because of their sins and only a loving God is trying his best to save them. After that story we were saying to guys that many people make mistakes when they try to hide from God, pretending that He simply does not exist. But in moments of rejection and despair God is near, He is here and He loves each of us. God also loves you! — I said. Vladik smiled he was pleased to hear it. We are very glad that God loves children who need parents and we see that God uses us to show His love to children. We were also glad to hear that Maxim and Alesya are doing well and they are talking to their mother about believers who talked about a loving God. Thank you for your prayers and for your support in serving orphans. Be blessed!