In February: “Vileyka orphanage”

Posted: February 28, 2023 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Vileyka

Greetings. Dear brothers and sisters, I want to share my gratitude for your support and your prayers for serving orphans in Belarus. vEMRuqElZtoWith each visit to the boarding school, we get to EnT8qPIxHpUknow new teachers and educators, because our trips take place in the evenings and not everyone stays to work until the evening. Communicating with educators and teachers, they said that the guys after our meetings became more confident and responsive. We can also say that the children’s inner emotional clamps gradually disappear and the guys smile more and communicate more willingly. When we are told about the changes in the guys, we simply thank God that He is transforming the guys. We thought about how we can diversify our trips so sI-jjH_JE-Ethat they can also be unique. Therefore, we decideduy4o_TviF_E to make a meeting with the guys in an unusual way for them, we did crafts. We made a bracelet and each color had its own meaning. On this trip, Nastya was with us, who lead and help us with crafts. Nastya asked to take a yellow bead and yellow means that God took care of the person and placed him in paradise. But then the man sinned and the next bead that we strung was black. But God did not want people to perish in their sins, and God sent His son, and He died for people, and everyone understood that the next color after yellow and black is red. The guys sat with waiting for the next color in the bracelet. And this color was blue, which symbolizes repentance and baptism. And then all the guys were surprised by the next color – green. It is the green color that reminds us of spiritual growth. Indeed, in order RwHzlQiP9Qwto grow in the knowledge of God, we need to 0LUqrhHFVcMread the Bible, pray to help our neighbors, and then our life will become full-fledged and beautiful. And the last bead was purple, this color indicates the great mercy of God. Guys, when they collected the first bracelet, they said, can we collect more for our friends, educators? One boy said: “this bracelet will always remind me of God’s love for me”. When we arrived another time, the guys said that other guys asked: “what kind of bracelet did you do?” and then the guys themselves told the gospel to other peers in a simple way. And when the guys told they were so happy. We also talked this month about trusting God and how God answers our prayers. We discussed the story about icAz8m4h44EEsther and the guys realized that the fears they face JDXNa8G33bocan be overcome not alone, but with God. Alena said: “that fears look like a big Goliath and it can be so scary, but please pray with me for God to help me to win once and for all”. Sometimes simplicity helps to reach the guys faster. We are glad that the guys get to know a loving God and understand that they just need to trust Him and then the whole life will change and sparkle with new colors. I want to thank God for the open doors of children’s hearts, because everyone in life needs hope and confidence that He is not alone. Let’s pray that the knowledge of God in the lives of children becomes stronger and the children will grow in faith.

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