In December: “A Christmas miracle in Vileyka orphanage”

Posted: January 7, 2015 by Dobr9k in Vileyka

The last month of the year is already over. December is one of the most difficult, busy, but at the same time v0r3J0sQN-wwonderful, interesting and blessed months in the year. Bustle is everywhere, people are looking for presents, sales, Christmas trees, food. We are the same, but before it started, we wanted to create an unforgettable ChrYdGA9QPlgF0istmas for the orphans from Vileyka. And we managed to do it only thanks to God and our friends.
I want to begin describing this Christmas with the point when I realized that I want every orphan to have a present this year. Of course I couldn’t have made all the 163 presents alone and that’s why I asked for help the members of church “Bethlehem” I go to. I took the necessary information from the vTRcbyFhmYsadministration of the orphanage, made some reminders for people to know what to put into the gift box, wrote down the names of all the children and distributed them among the members of my church. Almost every family from our church participated in this project. They made the presents with such a pleasure and signed the post cards. In a month all the gifts were collected and together with the young people and the pastor of our29ncOC3Drzs church we went to Vileyka, where we sang songs, played games and talked about Jesus. The culmination was the gifts for every child. Children couldn’t believe that they all had separate and individual gifts, signed and collected for them by families. They were so excited! They thanked not only us, but also the members of the church who left their addresses on the post cards for further communication. I was really surprised when on the next day I was told by one family that one child called back and thanked this family for the pZ0xGMk_LFg0resent! This was an incredible time for everybody! I thank God for the open hearts of our brothers and sisters and also for the thankful hearts of the children.
We had another visit to Vileyka with a christian youth theatre. It was an interesting meeting with children, because before that moment they haven’t seen any performances and such theatres haven’t visited them. In the very beginning, when the announcer came and started getting acquainted with -Pm9Raqbf0Ythe children, they were very noisy. And I was worried that they were not interested in it. But when the actors appeared on the scene, children kept silent till the very end as they were really interested in the performance. Then they couldn’t stop applauding! They asked the actors to come back again. Some words about the performance: it was about the people created by God but who come to difficult situations and who are further separated from God by fashion, money, alcohol, clubs, drugs. These thingspr83VP_3-xQ kill their dreams, and only God can release them from their sins. Everyone was excited, even their educators.
The last thing I want to tell you about is the trip of the biblical college to Vileyka. This team prepared an interesting programme and even laid the table. First, we gathered in a gym D7Qvwcbiiwsand played different games there. Children love sport games and as the result they were jolly. Then we went to the class of senior students where we sang Christian songs, read the Bible about Lazarus and even created a sketch of this story: children played different roles – that of Lazarus, the rich, God and Abraham. The orphans liked this wise story, they found out that to know God you don’t need the dead to come and to tell you about Him. We are given the Bible, church, people and nature that proclaims the existence of Living God.
We thank everybody who participated in this Christmas miracle for the orphans! Thanks for your infinite prayers!

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