In January: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: January 30, 2015 by Dobr9k in Belinichy

We had a camp in December and at the beginning of January. It was blessed time! I noticed that the more often you visit children the more IMG_7021you understand how you love them. You know them by name, and it is important because it helps closer communication, so, you begin to understand them. DSC05457Time I spent with these children helps me to estimate my own life and changes me. First of all, they teach me to love.
Children are getting closer to my heart  and I feel that I can’t be indifferent to their future. Especially I think of children who haven’t enough chances to sucseed in their life.
IMG_7007In the orphanage there is a group of children with “Down syndrome”. Working with them, I seriously thought of how I could make more for them. This thought doesn’t leave me. I want to try to take one of such child home for the weekend that they could live in family, feel what family means, feel that they are loved. IMG_6977There are six children in group, and anybody never took them home. Their only house is the orphanage. We visited children on Thursday in a week after camp, and I felt that I missed them so much! And how close they became to me!DSC05460 Children were happy to see us again, we told them about “good Samaritan”, about what kind of people we could meet (good and not really). Children discussed it very active.
Once again we went to the orphanage with Christmas program and gifts.IMG_7025 I was nicely surprised to see that the children were more happy to see us than to recieve their gifts! Also it was obvious how important for them is the communication with us.
I notice changes in the children. It is shown by their  behavior, they ask serious questions about God. Not just to talk about something but because it really interests them. They ask how to do the right things in life  and how to react when temptations come. They ask if I were them what would I do.  They tell about their temptations and about their victories.

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