In June: Summer camp “The Beacon of Hope”

Posted: September 4, 2015 by Dobr9k in Camps



I could not believe that I will have the opportunity to go to a Christian camp! I was raised in a Christian family, but I am an orphan. Life is very hard, but I’m glad that God has taken care of me and gave me a family that adopted me. While I was in the camp, I was wondering: what all the kids are happy? Is all this sincerely? I always wanted to have real and true friends, I was praying so long about it and here, in this camp, God heard me!
There was a special evening service in the penultimate day, which greatly affected my life. There was a call to repentance, during which I felt that God is knocking on my heart and gives me the understanding of what he has done for me! At that moment I felt double senses: first – the understanding of my sinfulness and understanding that Christ suffered just for my personal sins, and the second – there was peace and quiet in my heart, because God has forgiven me and had given me the salvation.
I want to thank everyone who made it possible to be in this camp!



I want to say thank you for this camp! I am an orphan. I have never had friends. Since childhood I have been betrayed by parents and friends. It is painful for me to say this, but it’s true. In the camp we lived with the boys, who are also orphans. This simplified our communication. The atmosphere was very friendly.
Once I have already repented in my life, but it was because I was brought up in a Christian family, where it was needed. Although, it was not a real repentance, but just an excuse for not to be bothered. But in this camp I have not just been told about Christ, but also have been unobtrusively offered to listen Bible studies, to pray and to observe the actions of God. For the first time, I was free to choose for myself what I should do! It was very important for me. One evening sounded preaching that God is important for everyone, and that everyone is special and unique. It made me thinking that maybe God really exist, and that He loves all people? I felt His love to me personally at the time of the call to repentance. That evening I repented and this time consciously, and felt all the love of God to me and realized my sinfulness. I was overwhelmed with the feeling I had never felt before! I asked God to change my life and now I believe that He will hear me!



My name is Christina, I am 12 years old. I always thought that much in life depends on chance or luck, and I’m really lucky in life. But now I see the hand of God in my life! Not all orphans have the opportunity to find a family, but God has blessed me with a good Christian family! Every day I see an example of Christian care and love. My father is a pastor of the church. And I can really see that my father’s actions match his words. In this family, I feel an example of God’s love and acceptance!
In the camp I participated in everything. I’m curious to know about Christ and I want to learn more about Him. One evening I decided to dedicate my life to God! During the call to repentance, I felt that the Lord was talking directly to me, despite the fact that there were more than a hundred people in the hall. It was a special evening.
In this camp I saw the love of counselors; they cared about us, and realized that it was God himself cares for us through them!



My name is Sasha, I’m from the boarding school. I got to camp by accident. The girl, who had to go, refused, and I asked to take me instead of her! I was taken. I am from Buchemlyanskoy boarding school. It was the most luxurious camp in my life! I didn’t rest so well for a long period of time! I really liked the whole program of the camp, especially the games! I communicated a lot and I have made many new friends! Very often I feel myself lacking in love and respect, but in this camp, I felt free. I was even able to say without any fear that I am an orphan, and to share what is going on in my life. The atmosphere for the communication was just wonderful. Counselors were always ready to help. During the communications in the camp every day I heard about God. Here I met him because in a boarding school I knew almost nothing about Him. One of the nights I’ll remember for a long time. Once I was taken from my family. I remember that I was weeping very bitter. And after that moment I made a decision never to cry. But this evening sounded the call to repentance. From Leader Dima I heard that God is calling me to Him, that I would reconciled with him. The atmosphere was so imbued with the love of God, that I burst into tears, and when the tears go, I just ran out of the room. I was crying from the fact that I knew that God has done for me! That evening I did not keep his promise never to cry. Because it is impossible not to cry when you realize that God has done for you. I am no longer afraid of the future, I know that I have a home in Heaven.
Looking at the counselors I wanted to help people, too! I really like being on stage and make people happy.



My name is Tanya. I am 15 years old. For the first time in my life I have been to Christian camp. When foster parents offered me this trip, I refused. I thought it would be very boring and uninteresting. Now I am very happy that I’m here! I made new friends, I took part in games and competitions, but the most important thing – I have reconciled with the Lord.
All of my 15 years, I blamed God in all things. Firstly, that from the birth my native parents drank and made fun of me and my sister. Because they never took me in their arms, but only beat me when I cried and needed their love and care.
Secondly, because when I was 5 years old, my mother took me to a boarding school, promising to pick me up in a couple of hours, but then never came back …
I did not ask God for help, because they represent Him strict and cruel, like my father, when I turned to him. I remember once I asked Dad to play with me, and in response, he grabbed me and began to beat my head against the wall! Since then I did not ask almost no one.
At one of the evening meetings in the camp, I felt that Jesus was near. I started to cry. It was difficult for me to trust Him. All days in the camp the girls talked to me, told their stories. One of them also had a difficult childhood, but she managed to forgive her family and to follow God.
When during the last night it was spoken about repentance, I did not come out at all, because I could not speak because of tears. After that night, I asked the counselors to pray with me, and I had reconciled with the Lord.
Now I know that He is different from how I thought about Him. He is a very loving and caring father. I am very happy that I could trust Him. Thank you all for such a wonderful camp.

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