In June: Summer camp “The Beacon of Hope”

Posted: July 31, 2015 by Dobr9k in Camps

Grace and Peace to everyone who is following our news, prays and participate in the ministry of salvation to the orphans of Belarus!zfqo5UnAfGE Your support, your prayers, opinion and feedback are very important for us. Thank you very much for your blessings and kind words… 5Y2Xj-EHWbM

At the end of June we conducted a camp for 82 orphans. Most of the orphans came from foster families. There were also few orphans from guardian families and from orphanage. This was a special time when God blessed us not just by great weather and friendly atmosphere but He also worked in a special way in the hearts of children. Around 40 children changed their lives in this camp, they saw alive and marvelous Daddy, qBVcep7qR2oWho loves each one of them. For some of them it was a time of renewal of neglected relationship – 6xbGf3kOemEa new kind of look on marvelous faith or simple time of simple changes in live. While for the others it was the first repentance in live, first words to God “forgive”, first tears and changes, first joy, first turn at 180 degree. Somebody found new friends, learned new truths and saw real life examples for himself. At the camp the atmosphere of joy and gladness reigned,JWaxPM9w0cw we did not have any injuries or accidents, minor illnesses God healed right away. I strongly remember time of our worship. It was a time when we in unity glorified our Creator for His blessing.IF9UEFxaEC8 I cannot describe in words the atmosphere of love that reigned in our meetings. I would like to note our guests, who made our time at the camp even more interesting: Dave, two Sergeis, bike trial team from Minsk. Diverse games did not give us an opportunity to be bored and kept us in good physical shape the whole day: green heel, Kapitoshka, volleyball, Zoo, football and many more… 0QslPWuAYFQThere was a time of different activities where children took photography, bungee, learned to trust each other, learned crafts and had an opportunity to simply run, jump and play. Several time we watched educational movies. Especially the children loved the movie EqaAPu99j2I“The singers of Freedom”, which taught them to have a good relationships with classmates, not to give up but to follow your dream. At the end we had a camp-fire where we intercommunicated on a closer level, many one on one and we just sang many songs.

-XJ7LfQldsMI also would like to note a Brazilian style prayer that Dave taught us (stand in a circle and take each other by the shoulders). Some leaders have taught children to pray this way. The children have strongly remembered this kind of prayer, some even still write about that they miss this kind of prayer,0XwKl4_pexY this close relationship and special feelings when you uphold somebody not just by words but also by hands. Many children said that they are going to teach this kind of prayer their friends and their churches.

U_HDEovRNAcEvery day at the camp we learned some lesson: Creation, The Fall of Men, The Flood, The sacrifice of son by Abraham, The Law of Moses (10 commandments), The era of Judges, The era of Kings, The coming and The Sacrifice of Jesus…This way during the camp we were able to cover the whole Bible. This is remarkable because we were able to cover almost the whole God’s plan of salvation…0Fu9dhhanqo

I would like to note children who possess different talents and abilities. We had allocated a special time for this and children were able to show what talents they have. Everyone impressed us in a different way: by acrobatics, by might, by callisthenics, by singing, by artistic ability. Everyone was interesting in its own way and beautiful.

I am asking a question myself: what children will remember and take from this camp? They are going to take alive and un-hypocritical relationship with God which they saw on the example of leaders and which they were able to learn during those 9 days at the camp.

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