In October: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: November 1, 2015 by Dobr9k in Rudensk

0_980a1_bfe9c360_origThis month we visited Rudensk orphanage each week again. Almost all the month we and the children enjoyed bright and sunny weather and unusually nice autumn that God gave our country this month! Usually, when it is so good and warm outside the children like to spend time there. This month the children even had to decide between football or walking IMG_3635in the fresh air and our meetings in the classrooms. The majority of the children chose our meetings. We were very surprised and pleased that there came more boys because it was pretty difficult for them not to play football outside! A couple of new-comers began to attend our meetings too. I think it was not accidental that God brought them to our IMG_3694meetings because the problems we raised all October touch each person in this or that moment of life. We discussed with the children such topics as ‘Despondency’, ‘Pride’, ‘Craving for Revenge’ and during the boys’ and girls’ time we touched upon the problem of cohabitation.
This month I had a good opportunity to build closer relationship with Alesya. She is already 16. At first sight she seems to be a very simple and always smiling girl. But, as it turned out, her heart is full of wounds and worries, thus, her smile is often just a mask or a defense reaction. She shared that she had no friends at orphanage, that she had problems with study, that despite her age she read quite slowly and, therefore, she became the subject of mockery and indignity. Alesya said that sometimes she felt so deIMG_3639sperate that she hadn’t even wanted to live. That’s why the topic ‘Despondency’ was especially important for her. To be honest, it was sometimes very hard to give some advice to Alesya in her situation so each time I listened to her I just asked God to give me wisdom how to communicate with her in a right way and help her. Then, we decided to look for nice things in our lives and we came to the conclusion that there’s always some good thing even in the worst moments. Alesya and I learnt to do that the whole month and during our last private talk Alesya IMG_3697could name me many advantages she found in her life. There are some of them: ;I’ve got hands, feet, eyes and ears’, ‘although I’m an orphan but I’m not homeless, I have a place to live in, food and clothes’, even if I feel lonely among people there’s always God I can pray to and feel really better’. I think this is great progress for Alesya and God has already shown His care for her, despite the troubles she faces so often. Glory to God!
Pride and craving for revenge are the things the children face each day. With the help of the Bible we tried to show how Jesus acted in this or that situation. The bright example was the storyIMG_3826 about Jesus washing the feet of His disciples. We also tried to teach the children not to crave for revenge but give it to God who sees people’s hearts.
The majority of the children dream about having good, healthy families and there are love, peace and mutual understanding in them. But, unfortunately, the modern world teaches to live together before getting married with any obligations, that’IMG_3576s why cohabitation is so widespread today. We did our best to show them that God values a family very much and tell them why He made a marriage. We also said that Satan tries to destroy families and do all that in his power for infants to be born outside the marriage, so their parents don’t want to take responsibility for each other and for their children. The children actively gave such examples concerning their families, where cohabitation was quite widespread. Now we can just pray so the children will not follow their parents’ mistakes and they will have normal, healthy families! May God bless all our children in this!

  1. Yegor T. says:

    Вы такие замечательные темы для уроков и уроки придумываете – поразительно! Даже самому хочется по присутствовать на них! 🙂 Молодцы! И откуда у вас время для всего этого находиться!!!??? Чувствуется, что Бог вам помогает в этом и дает вдохновление для этого!
    И как замечательно Бог помог вам дать совет Алесе увидить те благословления, которые Бог уже дал ей! Просто поразительно, как Бог работает в этом служении и благословляет его и вас!!! :))) Слава Богу за вас!!!

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