In November: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: November 30, 2015 by Dobr9k in Rudensk

11514853Coming of new children and teenagers to the Bible lessons has become the most joyful event at Rudensk school! Earlier they used to come to get presents, to watch a performance, to play games but they didn’t take any interest in the things we teach. This month they were with us each Wednesday. We are graIMG_3900teful to God for that!
According to the opinion of the youIMG_3971th, we understood that they enjoy gathering in groups, when girls are separated from boys. That’s why we try to arrange such meetings once a month. We continued to discuss the topic ‘Cohabitation’ with the girls, which was raised last month. This topic is very acute in our country. Nastya dispelled all the wrong views of this problem providing the examples from the Bible and statistical data. The atmosphere was warm during the lesson and everyone could open the heart and share their troubling thoughts. Generally, they are afraid of being alone, afraid of loneliness. That’s the main reason for them to look for a person to live with soon after they leave the orphanage. I believe that we managed to tell them about the love of GIMG_3995od and remind them that He is always near and they aren’t alone.IMG_3968
Evgeny raised an actual topic, too, he spoke about laziness. Not being obtrusive, with the help of a slide-presentation and leading questions he was able to explain the children of different age groups what laziness is and how to get rid of it. Many chilpren admitted that they are often lazy and don’t want to work because of various reasons.
This month Dima took the topic ‘Humor’. Taking the biblical example he showed the children that it is normal to have fun and joke, but there shouldn’t be those who are offended and humiliated and surely there shouldn’t be the mIMG_3892oments that upset God.
IMG_3910We watched the cartoon devoted to the topics ‘faithfulness to God’ and ‘faithfulness in friendship’ at two other meetings.
During this month we tried to find time and meet with graduates of Rudensk orphanage. We invited Nastya on a weekend. Her village is nearly one hundred kilometers from Minsk. She has strong faith and attends the church in Stolbcy. We try to help her to live outside school walls, be friends to her, and continue to tell her the truth. Nastya is an encouragement for us! We are pleased to see how her life has been changing in a better way!

  1. Yegor T. says:

    Слава Богу за то что новые дети и подростки стали приходить на ваши уроки!!! Это прекрасная новость!!!
    Молодцы за то что вы подымаете такие важные темы, как сожительство, которые должны помочь сиротам избежать тяжелых, болезненных, мучительных ошибок.
    Слава Богу за выпускницу Настю и её веру, за то что она продолжает ходить в церковь в Столбцах!!! И Слава Богу за вас за то что вы поддерживаете Настю и несёте Свет Истины сиротам в интренатах!

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