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In March: “Vileyka orphanage”

Posted: March 31, 2016 by Dobr9k in Vileyka

Hello, dear readers!

Our service in Vileyka is going on. We have many plans for children there and I hope God will help us to make them come timage-73af97f0a7d536583747787319e4d24b21ab25f310d7e4d9a9447918d45d7ab8-Vrue. But first things first.

We still learn the Old Testament. We have a plan to dedicate this year to learning the Old Testament, and next year we will learn the New Testament. I can’t but say that children know the biblical sta6ucgOimiUtories of Samson, Saul, David and Solomon as well as the children from our Sunday school. When we repeat the learnt stories they participate actively in discussions, answer all the questions and draw the right conclusions. I am glad our work is not vain and God’s Word is sowed. Children are attached to us already and wait for us every Friday. They are worried when someone from our team hasn’t come and send regards to this person.image-bb62ef4712dfc8ccc6c14ae2e4ad59dcc850feb98a3ef5267fca5bd03560f5d2-V

I want to share with you our plans for this summer. We want to make a camp for children in Juneimage-c06bcf03f1d166bcf1f6af33bb145f8529af6deffa201d9b8fedf077263fe435-V. We have an agreement with the administration already. The only thing we have to do is to find the place for the camp and money. That’s why I ask you to pray for it, for this financial problem, for the team, programme and the place _0__8as the people we’ve already arranged, denied us. We are worried about it as the administration is waiting for this camp and we don’t want to get in wrong as they can forbid us to come. Please don’t forget to pray for us. And if you can help us financially, we will be happy. May God bless you!

In February: “Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: March 3, 2016 by Dobr9k in Smilovichi

I would like to share with you the news about visiting Smilovichi orphanage with its lovely kids by our team. IMG_4641This month there have been 14 kids, because the government started to check homes where kids are neglected.
Our aim was to make friends with the new-comers and attract their attention to bible lessons. IMG_4660The new kids were quite open and friendly so they soon joined us in games and crafts. We were happy to notice that two of the new-comers had read the Bible and had known main bible stories and Christian values well.
This month we continued to speak about Jesus and His life on earth. IMG_4820We spoke about the manifestation of His unconditional love to people, His acceptance of each sinner who turned to Him with faith. We discussed how to pray and trust God, despite circumstances and pain! So we need to remember that the Lord is not far from us, IMG_4830He is faithful and will never leave us.
During that time the kids have become friendlier; they have quarreled and fought less. Even their governors take notice of it and praise the kids for that.
Little_Funny_PenguinWe could bring joy to the kids by word and deed. We bought washing and cleaning things. We also brought sweets and soft toys. Thanks God for the opportunity to come to this orphanage and share the good news with these kids!