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In May: “Vileyka orphanage”

Posted: June 17, 2016 by Dobr9k in Vileyka

The last meeting with children from Vileyka is over. Almost all our friends from the orphanage are somewhere having fun in camps, IMG_5492taking the sun and revitalizing. We miss them already and hope they remember our talks and discussions.
On the last day we decided to play a quiz to refresh what we have learnt during the whole year. Children looked at the pictures and tried to guess what a biblical story they depict. 1qQ-LZzPO-sWe’ve learnt a lot of biblical stories taken primary from The Old Testament. This quiz was interesting to children but some stories were difficult to guess and we helped children by giving hints. We talked a lot and even didn’t have time to complete the quiz! At the end children got candies and biscuits. We were staying there and couldn’t move for a long time as children were hugging us, trying to tell at least a word before let us go. IMG_5483How difficult it is to say good bye till September after such warm visits! We hope that this last meeting will be in children’s minds till our next visit. Even now children write to us in FB, asking when we come again. image- such moments you understand your work is not in vain because in children’s heart there is already love and you became a part of this little family in Vileyka. How much I want these children to open their hearts to God to become HIS big family!
EdlfmEPmEbcSummer starts together with the end of the academic year. It means that it’s time to make plans for the next academic year. Next year we want to finish the started – to make a camp for children who don’t go to any camps or travels abroad because they are 15-17 years old already, or have bad behavior. Such children need this camp so much! We need to give them a chance to have a rest outside the orphanage and to visit a Christian summer camp. We still have some worries about this camp, such as getting the license to make a camp abroad and also the financial problem. We ask everybody to pray for the good cause. Who can help us financially we ask to help and contact us. May God bless you!