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In June: Summer camp “In search for happiness”

Posted: July 15, 2016 by Dobr9k in Camps

I would like to thank you for your sacrificial giving and for your prayer support! With your particM85GfCCrvasipation we were 7iB6gyVd6Fg able to organize and held the camp for the orphans. In 10 years of our ministry to the orphans we see that exactly in camp a person happens to make the most important decision of his or her life. In total we had 110 people in the camp. The name of our camp was “In search for happiness”. People look for happiness everywhere but very often their search turns empty. Every day at the camp kids discovered a new aspect of life but conclusion of every day was the same that the true happiness is only in close relationship with God.

Orphans are kids who lived through a lot of pain.  The kids that came to our camp have lived through: alcoholism and indifference of FC69m7WQT9Iparents, constant loneliness and fear, drug-addicted parents, constantly changing step-fathers, sexual abuse in families, destroyed values, broken spirit and rejection. In the world of sin they have seen everything that attuneyDcHd1Hqcmsd them to loose. But we believed that despite of these terrible experiences the children can still open to God and receive from Him the true hope, faith and love.

When kids arrived to the camp in buses we saw fear and distrust in their eyes. But our volunteers met them in colorful costumes, with cheerful mood and joy therefore kids also started to smile. The children did not understand yet to where they have arrived but we were already were saying to them: “welcome to the family!” These are exactly the words that describe the atmosphere that our team created for the orphans: you are who you are and you do not need to put on a mask – we receive you with joy!fPNGByCedL8

The camp was held for 1nnCGJOGurFc0 days and during all that time we saw how the children were changing – we saw how from “hedgehogs” they were transforming into champions! It is a joy to know that now after the orphans have passed the whole 10 days of training in the camp now they are able to say with assurance that it is in our camp that they have learned to trust people, learned to love themselves and people around them, learned to forgive, learned to forgive even the kind of things that seemed to be impossible to forgive. Victories in the lives of children become possible thanks to God, Who heard yours and ours united prayers and lead the team in the right direction! Every day in the camp had its own theme. Also every day in the camp we had crafts, sports, movies and games but most 7QXeeI6Dt9smemorable were close fellowship inside of groups and evening church assemblies.

The shift in children’MIXCmQwUFc8s thinking happened when kids realized that they are not orphans because Jesus set them free by paying their price in full. Therefore their sins are forgiven and now they can be close to God and live a totally different life. Therefore we tried to communicate to the kids this message: “Do not listen to those who say that you are a Looser because Jesus Himself says that you are His child.”  Oh, how deeply these words reach into an orphan’s soul because these children have heard in their lives so many words of curses and rejections! The children were saying “I want to see changes, I want people to believe in me because it is so hard to succeed when people constantly humiliate and betray me!”

pvBzk20nz0QLast evening was a very special evening. It is going stay in memory of children and volunteers for many years. At our last evening meeting we had a call to repentance. We saw tears of joy when 60 kids realized what Jesus Christ did for them on the Calvary’s cross. Their thinking has shifted and those 60 kids f9kQAkPg7Qgdedicated their lives to Jesus that very same evening!

Thank you for this opportunity to minister to the orphans together with you! We believe that our united ministry will bear even bigger results for the Glory of God.  Let us pray together that the children would keep the faith which they obtained in the camp and that we would see all these kids in Heaven and rejoice over the fruits of our united work! Glory to God!


In June: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: July 15, 2016 by Dobr9k in Belinichy

I want to thank everyone who is praying and participated in our service financially, as our united service has IMG_5603special value in the eyes of God! In June we still visited Belynichi orphanage. Despite the fact that children already started their summer breaimage-, they still happily came to our meetings. For some kids, they were the last meetings, because they have already graduated school and going to different cities to study, others already found jobs. The first meeting was held this month on a street where we had sports relay, which purpose was not to win, but simply to have a good time with children and to open up their characters. One of the goals that we usually have set for ourselves during our meetings is to unite the kids. The fact of the matter is that from the stories of children we know that they have hard time; they are constantly confronted with gossip and beatings by their peers. But thanks to our games, children build bridges that help them to overemphasize their relationships with others. We talked a lot to high school students about the value of every person in the eyes of God and that it is importaIMG_5612nt to appreciate people who are around them, that it is important to love people, condescending their limitations, as well to be able to forgive.

Little kids also had an opportunity to participate in sport games, as well as to learn about God and about the power of prayer through Christian cartoons. At the end of each meeting small children had a desire to pray on their own, and thanked God for the day and for our meeting. We are glad to see how the word of God works in the hearts of children, despite their problems with mental and physical health!IMG_5630

Talking with alumni, we heard the guys thanked us for that we helped them to cope with challenges that life brings to them. Indeed, in many areas of life, they lack experience. And the world doesn’t forgive mistakes and it’s hard for weak children to survive iIMG_5564n the harsh reality of the modern world! But God teaches them to forgive themselves, their loved ones and gives the person a chance to change your life! Today our prayers are that God gives these guys a new life and helps to avoid many of their mistakes.

Praise the Lord that the entire school year we are able to visit orphanage, serve the Belynichi orphan children and fill their needs! Let’s pray that the graduates would be able to find a church in the cities, where they went to study, and that Ministry to orphans in Belarus lasted!

In June: “Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: July 12, 2016 by Dobr9k in Smilovichi

The latest meetings with the kids of the Smilovichskiy orphanage were filled with especially warm and friendly atmosphere. The long-awaited summer has finally come and the holidays began so the kids had an especially good mood. We had an oppurtimage- to speak with them on suimage- topics as “sin” and “what should I do with sin?”. We wanted so much to let them know that it is the sin that distorts people’s lives and makes them angry and unhappy. But there is a way out because God gives the forgiveness and hope to everyone who invites Him to his heart.

Of course during every meeting the kids had an opportunity to play different games outside and indoors, to learn new songs and also to communicate with one another and one on one with our team members. One of the meetings was totally dedicated to art. As our kids are of different age, our art leader Alla prepared various tasks for their choice. As it turned out even this small opportunity to chose a handicraft themselves significantly raises their self-esteem and lets them feel their significance!

Our last meeting was image- to the theme “Friendship”. We wanted very much to teach the kids to appreciate friendship, to value and limage- their friends whom they have. By the way a lot of them mafe friends here in the orphanage. But there are things that do not depend on the kids.

In the end of July they all were sent to different places: some of them got in their biological family, some of them got in a foster family, some were sent to live in an orphanage, and some of them we will see in September when the holidays are over.

Most of all now we hope that the Buble studies which tool plaxe thoughout the year will remain in the kids’ memory

And we hope that each of them will make a right decision in his life. We do not want them to repeat the mistakes of thier parents!

In June: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: July 5, 2016 by Dobr9k in Rudensk

At last, another school year has come at the end. Schoolwork has ended, as well as exams, which are already behind us. With IMG_5528 some graduates of boarding school we said goodbye, and some yet to be. In our service is also the final month, as we will now be 2 month break, as all chilIMG_5508dren are distributed to the state of the camp or sent on holiday abroad.

This month, we still had time to talk to the guys from boarding school Rudensk on topics such as: “Appreciate those who are near to you” and “your future depends on what you are doing today.” The meetings had been attended by children of different ages, but most of these issues concerned the graduates, as now they are entering into adulthood, and each of them is experiencing fear and excitement for their future life. Everyone thinks about whether he/she will be able to find reliable friends, the conditions for living or about the attitude of employees on future job.

Children, who are still in school, are in a calm state, because despite the fact that they live in a boarding school, there is already a certain sIMG_5633tability, some care for them and no matter how hard it is, there is everything necessary for life.

Also, our meetings were accompanied by sport competitions anIMG_5599d singing by the children themselves, but most of all we tried to pay attention on communication “face to face”. I really wanted to pay attention to each child individually as much as possible, because some of the guys, we may no longer have ever seen, and some of it is difficult to go through a break with us, even for two months. There are many different things we had in this school year, and joy, and the victory, and the tears of children, and met new people. But it would be desirable that in all this, these children would see how much God loves each one of them!