In June: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: July 15, 2016 by Dobr9k in Belinichy

I want to thank everyone who is praying and participated in our service financially, as our united service has IMG_5603special value in the eyes of God! In June we still visited Belynichi orphanage. Despite the fact that children already started their summer breaimage-, they still happily came to our meetings. For some kids, they were the last meetings, because they have already graduated school and going to different cities to study, others already found jobs. The first meeting was held this month on a street where we had sports relay, which purpose was not to win, but simply to have a good time with children and to open up their characters. One of the goals that we usually have set for ourselves during our meetings is to unite the kids. The fact of the matter is that from the stories of children we know that they have hard time; they are constantly confronted with gossip and beatings by their peers. But thanks to our games, children build bridges that help them to overemphasize their relationships with others. We talked a lot to high school students about the value of every person in the eyes of God and that it is importaIMG_5612nt to appreciate people who are around them, that it is important to love people, condescending their limitations, as well to be able to forgive.

Little kids also had an opportunity to participate in sport games, as well as to learn about God and about the power of prayer through Christian cartoons. At the end of each meeting small children had a desire to pray on their own, and thanked God for the day and for our meeting. We are glad to see how the word of God works in the hearts of children, despite their problems with mental and physical health!IMG_5630

Talking with alumni, we heard the guys thanked us for that we helped them to cope with challenges that life brings to them. Indeed, in many areas of life, they lack experience. And the world doesn’t forgive mistakes and it’s hard for weak children to survive iIMG_5564n the harsh reality of the modern world! But God teaches them to forgive themselves, their loved ones and gives the person a chance to change your life! Today our prayers are that God gives these guys a new life and helps to avoid many of their mistakes.

Praise the Lord that the entire school year we are able to visit orphanage, serve the Belynichi orphan children and fill their needs! Let’s pray that the graduates would be able to find a church in the cities, where they went to study, and that Ministry to orphans in Belarus lasted!

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