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In June: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: July 5, 2016 by Dobr9k in Rudensk

At last, another school year has come at the end. Schoolwork has ended, as well as exams, which are already behind us. With IMG_5528 some graduates of boarding school we said goodbye, and some yet to be. In our service is also the final month, as we will now be 2 month break, as all chilIMG_5508dren are distributed to the state of the camp or sent on holiday abroad.

This month, we still had time to talk to the guys from boarding school Rudensk on topics such as: “Appreciate those who are near to you” and “your future depends on what you are doing today.” The meetings had been attended by children of different ages, but most of these issues concerned the graduates, as now they are entering into adulthood, and each of them is experiencing fear and excitement for their future life. Everyone thinks about whether he/she will be able to find reliable friends, the conditions for living or about the attitude of employees on future job.

Children, who are still in school, are in a calm state, because despite the fact that they live in a boarding school, there is already a certain sIMG_5633tability, some care for them and no matter how hard it is, there is everything necessary for life.

Also, our meetings were accompanied by sport competitions anIMG_5599d singing by the children themselves, but most of all we tried to pay attention on communication “face to face”. I really wanted to pay attention to each child individually as much as possible, because some of the guys, we may no longer have ever seen, and some of it is difficult to go through a break with us, even for two months. There are many different things we had in this school year, and joy, and the victory, and the tears of children, and met new people. But it would be desirable that in all this, these children would see how much God loves each one of them!