In February: “Vileyka orphanage”

Posted: March 3, 2017 by Dobr9k in Uncategorized

In February, we had a great time at our traditional meetings with children. Especially it is great when we have an opportunity to communicate personally with children. This month I gave made friends with the teenager, his name is Arthur. In spite of the fact that he has mother, he is in the shelter. He is one of the most interested children at our meetings. He always asks about the theme and he is always interested in what we are talking about. Recently Arthur said that we are the closest friends to him.
In one of Saturdays, our traditional culinary club took place on February 18. As always, Valera with the team of partial brothers and sisters from our church held the master class, which is wide popular among children. The day before members of Bethlehem church have prepared / have bought and have brought sweets. The team generously treated with all this sweets visitors of culinary classes.
Unfortunately, we can’t pay attention on every child because of scantiness of our resources. Some of the children forget to come to the meetings because they have other alternatives: take a walk around the city, watch the movie or something else. Our prayer to God is to gain children’s attention on Christian values and to show true sense of life.

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