In April: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: April 30, 2017 by Dobr9k in Uncategorized

Praise God for the opportunity to visit children in Belynichi! See how they grow. Communicate with them. Maintain friendship. Learn together the Bible, pray, talk about God, have fun and play.
In this month, relay races were held for the teens. The guys are very fond of competitions. There were also Bible lessons: “Daniel and his friends”, “Daniel’s loyalty and the lion’s ditch,” and “God’s love and the deed of Christ on Calvary.”
In this month was Easter. When you ask the guys a question: “What is Easter?” – most often you hear that Easter is a day when everyone is painting eggs and making pastries. Unfortunately, only few of the guys know the true essence of the words “Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!”. So I really wanted to convey the real meaning of Easter. To this end, we invited a puppet show. Through the play, the children saw the story of Easter and once again they could hear about what a feat Jesus Christ performed on the Calvary cross.
For the middle group of children, Bible lessons were held about Anna and her prayer, God’s answer and the life of her son with the priest of Elijah. I wanted to convey to children the importance of prayer. I brought two phones and we talked to each other. The guys took turns telling me their dreams. Someone wants to fly on a plane, someone to visit space.
But mostly, they dream about their family. Roma boy told me that his parents in heaven, and he really wants a foster family. Continuing the conversation, I noticed the guys that they are now a big family and should help each other. And how they talked to me, so thay can talk with God. Many guys have expressed a desire to pray.
The small children continued to study the history of the life of Moses. In the children’s reactions it was obvious how sorry they were to people who were slaves in Egypt, as they wanted justice, how the Egyptian Pharaoh they believed an evil man and how thay was in love with Moses and marveled at how God worked through him miracles and saved His people.
They were so impressed with the story of Moses, and asked us to remember this Bible story to each lesson. Yeah, maybe we will come back to this story, but I think that the children also really like the example of the life of Joseph! It is with this biblical character we plan to introduce kids in next month.

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