In April: “Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: May 1, 2017 by Dobr9k in Smilovichi

We continue visiting kids in Smilovichi orphanage. They become dearer and closer to us. Kids constantly changing they, but new ones get used to us quickly. They are all opened and friendly to us. We are happy that we can communicate with them, even though it’s not always easy. But God knows everything. I’m so happy that they hug us and always say that they were waiting for us.
There is a boy called Misha who’s been living there for a month. We have recently met him, but nevertheless we became friends very quickly.
I noticed that he is very shy even though he’s a grown-up. On the first day when we met he didn’t play any games with us, didn’t sing, didn’t take part in anything, he was just listening to what we’ve been taking about.
I was surprised that when I said that our team is all Christians and that we are going to talk about God at our meetings, Misha was happy to hear that.
Next time we saw him he was playing games, singing, communicated with us and other kids. Now he’s one of the most active people there. He is always eager to answer the questions at the end of our talks. Moreover, he always asks more questions when talk to him face-to-face. We can see that he is very curious.
He is always one of the first ones who comes to our biblical lessons. Praise God that He opens children’s hearts! Only He can lead our hearts and change them!
I also noticed that children are really impressed when we share our personal experiences with them. But the major point this week was the story of Daniel and his friends. And the most significant celebration of the month was Easter. We had a great opportunity to share about what Jesus has done on the cross. And after that kids got nice presents.

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