In April: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: May 1, 2017 by Dobr9k in Rudensk

Hello dear friends!
It’s such a pleasure to describe those events and changes that are happening in the ministry to orphans in our country. This month we had even a bigger desire to talk about the victory of Jesus Christ. Because the whole world first froze in anticipation, and then in celebration of the Resurrection of Christ. So coming to the Rudensk orphanage we also wanted to share the basics of the christian faith. We talked a lot both in the class but also in our private conversations about the true reason why people celebrate and what Easter means personally for each one of us. People forgetting about God and His Son give too much meaning to the colored eggs as a symbol of the Resurrection of Christ and easter cakes as a transition from the old testament to the new one. It turns out that people in our country know more about eggs and easter cakes than the Easter itself!
The new kids and those who came to us from the junior classes are also lost in the answers for this question: “So what does Easter actually mean?” And because of this during this celebration month we spent two meetings talking about this topic. A lot of teenagers join our meetings and it’s such a pleasure to see changes in the lives of these kids. The word that is shared gets deep into the hearts and it starts to change the kids. Kids get confidence that God cares for them and they also start to make goals and look for ways of how to reach them. Even in the beginning of this year kids that graduate this year couldn’t answer such questions as “Where do you want to study” or “What are you dreaming about”. But today these kids don’t just answer the questions about their dreams, studies but they are also hoping to be in places where there will be a church for them. We can feel that these kids want some changes in their lives. And if they let God into their hearts these changes will happen for sure!
Moreover this month we had “boys’ night” and “girls’ night” – meetings when boys and girls meet separately. This kind of atmosphere helps to raise touchy topics. Girls were talking about horoscopes, how they came to be, about the influence that they can have on a person’s life and what danger they carry. With boys we were talking about how much lies there are in this world. How to learn to discern it and how to react to something that’s truly good and something that is evil.
Recently we met with a graduate of this orphanage. Her name is Vika and we can see that she is struggling. Despite her young age she is pregnant. The father of the child left her and abandoned his future daughter. She is quite desperate at the moment, and there is new pain in her heart and a new betrayal. In early childhood Vika was left by her parents and most of her life she spent in the orphanage. And now her beloved left her. We are praying for a safe pregnancy and birth of her child. And also our prayer is that her future daughter won’t be taken into an orphanage right out of the hospital.
When Coming for a visit to the orphanage we want to see changes in the lives of the kids. Our dream is that they will find faith and hope which they really need after graduating from the orphanage.
Dear friends, thank you that you pray for us!

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