In December: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: January 9, 2018 by Dobr9k in Belinichy

Hi everyone, who is following our updates!
Christmas is coming, and we are saying goodbye to the last month of the year. During this month, the Lord helped us to visit Belynichie boarding school every week. The atmosphere around is filled with love and holiday hustle as Christmas approaching.
This month we taught kids to look at circumstances they are in a different way! For example looking at Esther’s life we learnt that God might put you in the circumstances that seem unbearable but many victories could be behind it all. Esther was an orphan, but she became the queen who saved the nation. We do not know what we will face in the future and why kids get to the orphanages, but we are sure, that God knows what victories this or that child was born for.
This month is special as well as relationships we have. It is so great to see kids and the changes in their relationships between each other. We see that no matter what diagnoses these kids have they have big loving hearts! They are looking for and waiting for this love from us when we come to see them and everyone wants us to spend time with him. At first, it was so hard for me to look at those kids. Deformed faces and the speech that is hard to understand – it is not what you would like to see. Only coming here regularly and getting to know them, I started to understand what they say and those strange sounds are their joy, and that is the way they try to express it!
How can I describe these kids? These are the kids with a massive hole in their souls and they try to fill it in with anything they can. They are very open and kind, dreaming about love.
Only yesterday, we were talking about Christmas – the birth of Jesus Christ. Children could apply to themselves the fact that Joseph adopted Jesus. The main idea though is that Jesus came so that every boy and girl could have Heavenly Father, who will love them as they are. Jesus came to become the son of man so that we would become the children of God. During the talk we put a little show about Joseph and Mary when they were knocking on the doors to find a shelter but they kept getting “No room”. Children themselves took part in this play. After the performance we tried to explain that it is really important to walk with God everyday of our lives and there always should be room for Him in our hearts!
Changes are also seen in the children’s behavior. We are grateful to everyone who serves together with us through prayers, finances and personal time! Merry Christmas!

  1. Yegor says:

    Молодцы! Прекрасное наблюдение о том что Эстер была сиротой! Но в последствии Бог её сделал царицей, человеком который смог спасти Израиль! Я это не замечал. Да, это прекрасный пример для сирот, что сирота это не приговор, что с Богом они могут достичь виликих высот и сделать великие дела!!! Молодцы – вы очень хорошо учите сирот – очень мудрые наблюдения. Очень радостно слышать что уже виден плод вашего труда – что певедение сирот меняется к лучшему!!! Слава Богу!!!

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