In January: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: January 31, 2018 by Dobr9k in Rudensk

The brightest and the most exciting event of this month for the children in Rudensk orphanage became Christmas performance! The program was very fascinating and spectacular but the best thing about it is that the children could hear and see the real sense of Christ’s birth through the characters on stage once again. At the end of the performance, every child got a long-awaited Christmas present. Every year we share how programs and performances went on in different orphanages and how the children enjoyed presents. At first sight, it may seem usual and habitual. However, in reality every year each child manages to give us new impressions in a special way! It is impossible to express how joyful children’s faces are when they get presents even if they take a small and simple toy out of the box. Shining eyes, a big and sincere smile and words of gratitude from the children are the reasons for giving thanks to our Heavenly Father! We are grateful to God for this wonderful time!
All further meetings at the orphanage went through in a familiar way both for us and for the children. In spite of this, these meetings were marked by friendly atmosphere, Christmas recollections and the children’s stories about their presents. The older ones managed to be acquainted with some biblical stories from the Old Testament: ‘The story of Samson’, ‘The story of Ruth’ and ‘The story of Hannah and Samuel’. When we spoke about Samson, we gave them possibility to compete and play tug-of-war as a vivid illustration of the story. When we introduced Ruth to them, everyone had an opportunity to take roles of some of the characters in the story. The example of Hannah and Samuel shows how God answers the prayers and how it is important to be faithful to the promise you give to God.
The younger ones began to learn the story of Jesus Christ this month. They have already known about Christ’s birth, the family He was brought up in and who his earthly father Joseph was. Besides, they could know about Jesus’ disciples.
One of the vivid moments of this month became the talk with one of the girls from the younger group. Her name is Alina. We spoke about friendship. Alina shared what she thought about qualities of a real friend and noticed that she wasn’t always a good and faithful friend herself. But I cheered most of all when she said that she wanted to have friendship as David and Jonathan’s. Such words surprised and encouraged me at one and the same moment because we had shared this story in October! It is surprising that a small girl with mental and physical problems learned this lesson so well and could even make practical conclusions. Praise the Lord!
Thanks to everyone who supports us and is not indifferent to the service to orphans of our country!

  1. Yegor says:

    It is fantastic to hear that orphans are so joyful and happy to receive Christmas presents! It is fantastic to hear even children with mental and physical disabilities remember well your Bible stories and make the proper conclusions from them to their lives!!! Well done! Glory to God Who is changing children’s hearts and lives through you!

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