Conference “You are not alone”

Posted: April 30, 2018 by Dobr9k in Conferences

Dear friends! From March 30 to March 31 in Minsk in the church “Light of the Gospel” an annual conference “You are not alone” was held. Families and volunteers who work with orphans were invited , as well as representatives of guardianship agencies and ministers of different churches. In all, 70 families attended the conference.
Topics of the conference: “Diagnosis of trauma. How to help a child with pronounced aggression and disobedience “, as well as” Helping children who survived violence “. The next block was dedicated to families that are in a state of burnout! “We are exhausted. We already do not want anything “- said the people who came to this seminar. “Our dream is to bring the children back to the orphanage, because we are so devastated, our relationship with our children in the family is destroyed and, by accepting orphans, we are losing our own children,” the seminar participants said. Two categories of people who needed to not only help on an emotional level, but also on the spiritual level. I thank God for the speakers and pastors who came forward and served this category of people. Pain, tears filled people when they came to the conference. But God worked in the hearts of people and they received healing through the word of God, as well as through the testimonies of families who took orphans into their homes.
The conference was coming to its end with every hour, but the atmosphere that appeared allowed not only to speak out to those wishing conference participants, but also to receive healing and help. We are glad that when someone meet some dificulties, we can be on the front line to help people cope with their fears and difficulties! Thanks to all who prayed and participated in their time and finances! The work before God always brings fruit to the kingdom of God!

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