In April: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: April 30, 2018 by Dobr9k in Rudensk

I want to start my story about the children with the testimony of Vitalik from grade 4, he began improving with health and mental development. It began with the Bible lessons about the miracles of Jesus Christ, which we conducted earlier, when he heard that the Lord Jesus healed the sick, he asked the question: how can I pray so I can became healthy and did not be in the hospital every month? We showed him an example of prayer for ourselves and said that we will also pray for him. From that day we see how everything is becoming better, Thank God! He became not only better at feeling physically, but also mentally.
The month of April began with a beautiful Easter holiday and, our goal was to convey to every child of different ages, the real essence of this holiday. After we conducted this topic, we invited a Christian theater group, where professional actors showed the production about this grandiose event. Watching the children, we saw a good reaction and openness to that good and bright things that the Savior gave us! The end of the holiday was the distribution of gifts with everything necessary for every child.
At other meetings, we continued to talk with older children about the biblical heroes of faith, those who sought God and learned obedience, despite their status and experience (Naaman and Queen Esther). On the example of Queen Esther, who was also an orphan, the children learned that pious and righteous life always leads to success and blessings. And on the example of the story of Naaman, the guys learned that faith in God works miracles!
We also had separate meetings with girls and boys. Each of the girls could write one question on the topic of interest, and our task was to answer wisely and show the way out. When I answered, many cried from hidden deep inside the pain and resentment. Others decided to stop watching horror movies or to swear as they found out that this leads to those nightmares and fears that torment them. The most important was the prayer for the forgiveness of their sins and with a request to God to heal and completely change their lives!

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