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In June: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: June 30, 2018 by Dobr9k in Rudensk

At the very beginning of the month, the older children have completed their acquaintance with the life story of Daniel and his friends. They also got acquainted with the story of Jonah, who spent 3 days in the womb of the whale. To illustrate the story about Ion we made origami. The children saw the paper Kita, Jonah, the ship and Nineveh. A new way, with which the story was told, was very popular with children. This means that the story itself will be better placed in their memory, and God will act through it in their hearts.
The children from Rudensk are very fond of sports. Many of them even participate in various competitions and take prizes! That’s why, we also try to participate in their sporting life, organizing various relay races. But this month there were unusual relay races – tasks were given not for speed, but for ingenuity and attentiveness. For example, you had to transfer the pills (M & Ms) with straws, or look for cards all over the room with the right colors. I’m glad that these children actively help those who are weaker or who will be more difficult to cope with the tasks! This is a very obvious and important feature of the children from the Rudensk orphanage.
The younger children completed their acquaintance with the biblical stories of the New Testament. It was “the story of the resurrection of Lazarus” and “ten lepers.” The story of Lazarus once again reminded about the miracles of Jesus, which He did during the life on earth, as well as His power and might. A story about ten lepers helped to show the children how important is to be grateful.
The last two meetings this month and this academic year were held in a free format. This is also a very good time, because at such meetings there is a little more opportunity to talk to the children, just listen to them or give a piece of advice, and also pray for their needs or experiences. In addition to personal communication, the boys were able to communicate with the men from our team during training on the horizontal bars. There were also organized joint games for all comers, regardless of age or abilities, which helped to form unity in the teams.
Now the children went on vacation abroad, on vacation to relatives and to the Governmental camps. We really hope that we will meet them again in September, and that God will continue to act in the hearts of these children!