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In September: “Vileyka orphanage”

Posted: October 1, 2018 by Dobr9k in Vileyka

Summer has flown by as usual, and it’s time to go back to children from Vileyka boarding school. Many of them have grown over the summer, have been to summer camps, have visited different countries, and it is still a great joy to see them. We could tell that they missed us and were looking forward to meeting again.
I’d like to share a little about one boy Maksim, who is 13. His parents are alcoholics, that’s why he happened to be in this boarding school, just like his brothers. He never gets a chance to go abroad during summer holidays like other orphaned kids, because he has a family, so he spends summer in the village with them. We deicide to make his summer fun and offered him to go to a Christian camp not far from Mogilev. For one week there was a lot of Bible-studying, sport and other activities. People helped Maksim and his mum to get to and navigate through Minsk, to get to Mogilev and and in general showed him care. He was really pleased with the time he spent among Christians and grateful for so much care that was shown to him.
Our regular trips to Vileyka started in September. Our team changed a bit. Olya is now a wife. And by the way, her husband, Misha plays the guitar, loves kids and tries to go with us to Vileyka whenever possible. There is also a new volunteer in our team, Masha. It’s nice that God Himself puts desires to look after those, He Himself looks after. We had a meeting for everyone in school on September 28. The atmosphere was great! Children really missed us, and they were so eager to do all the activities, to answer questions, to remember facts about volunteers, joyfully sang songs. Victor prepared an interesting talk about friendship, as this is the base of a happy life and long-term relationships. You are accepted in friendship and learn to give. Sweet corn sticks were the best ending for the evening.We have a prayer request : school administration started after-school clubs for kids on Fridays during the time we come, so some kids have to go to these clubs and can’t meet with us. At the moment we are talking with administration about changing the time for the clubs, so that we could have our meetings with kids the way we used to do. We need your support.