In November: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: December 1, 2018 by Dobr9k in Belinichy

This November was full of events with a diverse programme and actual topics of our lessons. The first topic of November for younger children was “Fear” about the biblical character David. The children listened very attentively and couldn’t believe that such a little shepherd had slain the huge giant Goliath. David achieved this victory only due to his strong faith in God.
At the end of the lesson children had an opportunity to tell about their fears.
They are different for everyone. Someone is afraid of the darkness, mice or spiders, someone is afraid to lose his/her friends and never see parents.
Sometimes it is sad to listen to such revelations from little children. But we are glad they got the message of the lesson – God is close to us and He is able to help us get rid of our fears. At the end they answered the questions correctly. So I’m sure it was useful.
The next topics were “Deception” and “Laziness”, very simple at first sight, but they evoked a lot of emotions and memories.
Besides biblical lessons the children had Arts which they are crazy about, so there’s no problem with discipline)
With the older guys we discussed “The first wonder of Jesus” plus “The meeting with Nikodim” and “The healing of the courtier and a wonderful catch”.
This November was special for the guys because of hen-party and stag-party. We discussed hygiene and the importance to take care about the body and keep the room clean.
At the end of the month the children got a bonus – competitions!

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