In December: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: December 31, 2018 by Dobr9k in Belinichy

“It doesn’t matter how many countries you have visited or how much money you have earned. The only thing that really matters is what you have left behind”. I have been thinking about this phrase these days. Children are our future, but when I look at orphanages in our country, I understand that we do not struggle for our future and do not even care about it. When we ask children what they would like to have for Christmas, they start to say “we want to go home”, and only after that they ask toys and sweets. Children as well as adults need love! Adults can hide their feelings but children clearly show what they lack. “Hug me”, “say that you missed me”, “we have thought about you”. All these words show me that adults are not aimed at what is important and they do not think about consequences. In the future financial support may bring some fruit. However, is it the only help that they need? When I come to the orphanage, I see hungry eyes of kids whose parents do not visit them. Here they are not even treated as children, but at the same time, they dream about jam, tender hugs of their parents and Christmas presents. They draw the pictures in their heads and then their dreams face sad reality. Their parents rejected them because their dependence on alcohol and drugs rose above the instinct of care and protection of their children. So children became unimportant.

This month we spoke about the miracles of Jesus Christ and looked with the children at the people who got their miracle. Then we tried to relate these stories to our days. People bring many presents to the orphanage during Christmas and New Year holidays and the children take it for granted. Many people who were cured did not thank God either. They plunged into their worries and problems and forgot what God did in their lives. Gratefulness encourages doing good things and believing in positive changes.

Besides the lessons, we talk to the kids and they share their dreams and wishes with us. That is why we brought child Bibles for the kids to read and grow in their faith. Literally this Thursday we came there and the children told us what stories they had read. I was smiling when they did not just tell me what they read about but they also prayed. I believe that the time we had with the children will leave a good footprint on their lives. When we have warmth, we can share it with others. God changes us each time we come there and the children are changed because they are loved, prayed for and just allowed to be kids.

Thank you friends that you were with us this year praying for us and supporting us! We believe that our common work will be fruitful!

  1. Yegor T. says:

    Приветствую вас дорогие братья и сёстры!
    Сироты в интернате Белыничи читают свои Библии, рассказывают те истории что они прочитали и моляться!!! Это просто поразительно слышать!!! Это поразительный плод!!! Вспомните какая была обстановка в этом интернате много лет назад когда вы только начинали туда ездить? На сколько делеко дети были от Бога! Насколько сильно они были закрыты и от вас! Как они относились друг к другу? Окультизм, выживание, эгоизм, ожесточение сердец и даже постоянно насилие по отношение друг к другу! А теперь? Изменение детей в лучшую сторону просто поразительно!!! Я думаю что лагерь этим летом тоже очень сильно помог “растопить” сердца детей!
    Какие прекрасные плоды вашего труда!!! Они просто поразительны!!! Благодарю Бога за ваш тяжелый но сверх важный труд!!! Слава Богу!!!

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